You make me feel so dumb

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"you make me feel so dumb"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 1
Original Upload date June 5, 2007
Running time 0:01:15
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"The Chum"



June 5th 2007
So I had this table that looked like they were done eating.
Are you done eating?
Uhhh…. mmmm…. aaaa….. mmm…. aaaa…. oooo….
One of them said to the other one, Would you like any dessert?
Ummm… I …. oh no. I don’t want no dessert. I’m done.
She made this gesture [makes a sweeping gesture]… like, over her food. That means I’m done.
I went to grab her plate. And she was like, No! I’m not done!
I’m not done!
[deep breathing]
Should I ….? [points to leave] Right.
[singing] You make me feel so dumb. You make me feel so dumb. You make me feel like my life is so dumb.
That song was dedicated to the pan-Asian restaurant that I…. that at which I work at for to.
Sub-dedication to your shitty job.
And to shitty jobs...
Look at the camera.
And to shitty jobs everywhere.

Recurring elements

song, "look at the camera"

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Craig remade this video shot-for-shot in 2010 in a video entitled My First Video.

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