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"Willis Tower"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 413
Original Upload date October 22, 2010
Running time 0:04:01
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Outro video game outro
Wink submitted by jasonmundaymusic
Great People
Guests: Theresa (bunnymynost)
Handstand Info
No. of Attempts 1
Did His Wallet Fall Out? No
No. Without the Wall: 0
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"Hot Calcium"



[slides in/singing rug]
Hey beardlovers. Still on vacation. Cue beach sounds. [Sound of gunfire and people yelling.] Not Normandy Beach June 1944!! [Tranquil beach sounds] That's better. [Sound of people giggling.] Is this a nude beach? [Sound of a man and woman laughing. Craig covers himself with his arms and hands.] Stop laughing.
[Man's voice:] Nice. [Laughs]
Stop laughing. [They still laugh.]
[Man's voice:] Right.
It's so cold.
[Wheezy Waiter beard intro]
Sorry, it got a little awkward there for a second. It's cool now. I got pants on. Zubaz pants. They hide the curves of my sexy body yet tell the word [Standing with Zubaz pants superimposed over him] I like to party. In the 80s. In my dreams.
So sadly my vacation's coming to an... [eagle squawks. Craig looks up.] What, eagle?! [Eagle squawks] Shut up! Eat umbrella! [Throws an umbrella upwards. It narrowly misses the eagle flying by.] Agh, fine. Eat electric guitar! [Throws guitar upwards. It too misses the eagle as he flies over.] Fine. Eat apple! [Throws apple upwards. The eagle flies away from it quickly.] Wow, the eagle has a real aversion to health food. No wonder he's America's mascot. [looks up. The sky is empty.] Where'd he go? He usually comes back. Eh, not gonna think about it.
So we had some good times this week. Let's reminisce. Went to The Art Institute... [His right eye closes as his left eye continues to look at camera.] Agh! [Slaps himself] Reminiscing makes my eyes hurt.
So many of you in the comments said I should go to ... bum bum bum... the tallest building in the United States, Willis Tower, formerly known as Sears Tower.
Sears vacated the building in 1995 but kept the naming rights. Until London-based insurance broker Williams [text over his mouth: Willis] Group Holdings leased 140,000 square feet. After which they bought the naming rights for a whopping zero dollars.
[speaks in a British/Cockney accent] 'Ello! We're gonna take the name then. God save the Queen.
I know British people don't really talk like that. It's a joke. Commenters, lighten up. [Eats cookie]
One of the biggest and tallest sources of pride in Chicago is named after a London company? That's okay, though. We got some good money out of it. [Mouthes the word 'zero' while holding up his hand like a zero]
But it's totally fine. I realize we live in an increasingly global world. Chicago, [speaks in British accent again] Come off it ven. Let's go down to the pub, have a pint, and get fuddled. Blattered. Blotto. Suzzled. Pissed.
Go the bar and drink until we can't see straight is what I'm trying to say.
But not really. How about I just go visit the Willis Sears Tower?
[A woman texts on her phone outside.]
[Craig:] Hey lady, wanna go to the Willis Tower?
[She doesn't look up:] No money.
[Craig:] I'll pay for everything.
[She still doesn't look up:] Best friends. [Walks towards him.]
[Craig and the woman are on a train. She's on her phone.]
{Craig:] I'm on the train. With a girl!
[Shot of Willis Tower from outside.]
[Craig and the woman are in an elevator. She's still on her phone.]
[Craig:] I'm in an elevator with a girl!
[Sound of people talking as Craig films out the window of the Willis Tower. He pans to the woman, who's still on her phone.]
[Shows comment from 735713bewatcn: You should do a handstand on the glass observation deck of the Sears tower... unless you're afraid of heights? But then you'd be called Wimpy Waiter... aw.]
[The woman does a handstand. Craig does a handstand.]
That was fun.
[Another shot of Chicago out the window.]
[Craig stands, looking out window. Reacts in surprise. Shot of the eagle flying downwards.]
[Craig:] Eagle's dive-bombing my apartment. [Craig moves towards window. Flies out of the Sears Tower window. Flies through the air. Catches his umbrella from earlier. Catches guitar in his other hand. Shot of eagle flying downwards. Craig shreds on the guitar as he flies downward, the umbrella hooked under his shirt. The eagle continues flying downward. Craig intercepts him and smacks the eagle with his guitar. The eagle spins off backwards. Craig sits down, still holding the umbrella and guitar.]
That was an efficient way to get home and physically assault the eagle at the same time. Am I forgetting something? Absolutely nuh-uh.
[The woman, holding her phone, still at Willis Tower:] Uhhhhh.... I guess I'll walk home?
[Text on screen: Thanks for helping with the video, Theresa. http:// youtube.com/bunnymynost.]
[Jason slides in:] Hey beardlovers. This is my submission for Supernote 2010. Team Beard! Team Beard. Beard. So good. And the checkered flag! Ooooooooo.... [Voiceover:] We're off. Ooooo.... [Voiceover:] Oh this could be it. This could be it, the end of us all. And there you have it. [Time: 65.5] [Jason winks (ding)]
[Wheezy Waiter video game outro]
Beardlovers, as of right now, we are in first place for the Supernote competition. We have gone way further than I would have ever imagined. Thank you so much. But we have to keep moving. Otherwise Shay Carl may pass us. So... [points to annotation] if you haven't left a Supernote yet... Just because we're in first doesn't mean you won't be helping if you leave a Supernote... Go to this video and leave a Supernote. I love you guys. Was that... was that weird? Is that weird that I said that? I don't care.

Recurring elements

singing rug, beardlovers, eagle, handstand, Supernote, wink

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