Wicker Park is so Cool

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"Wicker Park is so Cool"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 160
Original Upload date May 21, 2009
Running time 0:02:44
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Outro website/youtube outro
Wink submitted by brokenvideosltd
Great People
Guests: Sam Grant
Matt Weber
Featured Clones
Episode chronology
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"Joe the Torture Photographer"
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"City Limits (Fiesta Mission 1)"



[Wheezy Waiter beard intro]
Greetings beardlovers. So there's this magazine, Red Eye Chicago. It's located in ... umm...
[Craig and a clone sit side by side]
[Craig:] Where's Red Eye Chicago located?
[Clone:] Chicago.
[Craig:] Oh yeah... Chicago.
[Clone:] Idiot. [punches Craig]
[Craig:] Ow!
Anyway, they're doing a video contest to see whose Chicago neighborhood is the coolest. Pack your bags. You're gonna want to move here after you watch this.
[Sign that says Wicker Park with graffiti on it. Craig is walking down an alley with trash cans]
In Wicker Park, you'll find a whole host of inspiring characters. Oh, hey Sam! [Sam is lying on the ground, propped up against a recycling bin] You remembered to recycle. [As Craig walks away and continues talking, Sam spins the chamber of a gun and puts the gun in his mouth] Seriously, lots of great people inspiring each other. [Sam pulls trigger and gun clicks.] It's a good thing to be around. Let's move on.
We have a lot of creative types - musicians, artists, fixed-gear bike pedaling hipsters with no helmet.
[A biker bikes by (with no helmet):] Can't stop pedaling!
We got web designers, investment bankers, [looks down] and apparently dog owners. Stepped in some *shirt*.
[Bike rider bikes by:] Help!
Our neighborhood is lined with bars and clubs. It creates a fun, laid-back atmosphere that causes people to not even bat an eye when I drink at 9 in the morning. In fact, I'm really wasted right now. I'm gonna go puke in this post office. [turns and leaves the frame but returns very quickly] There's a line. Figures.
[Bike rider bikes by:] Help!
Because of the recent gentrification of Wicker Park, we've been introduced to a new culture - children. Screaming, crying children.
Every Sunday I like to get together with my friend Matt here and come out to the actual Wicker Park where we do a little live theatre based on the movie Wicker Park. [turns to Matt] I'll be Josh Hartnett.
[Matt yells:] You always get to be Josh Hartnett! [runs away]
[back in his apartment] In my neighborhood you can also do this. [opens window and from his chair yells] Hey! I'm in a band!
[A voice shouts back:] So am I! Shut the *ding* up! [Craig nods]
[Craig, yelling:] Wanna start a band?
[Voice:] Yeah.
So that's why my neighborhood is the coolest.
Technically I live outside of Wicker Park but ... uhh... whatever.
brokenvideosltd, time to end this with a wink but you have to make it ding yourself.
[The winker winks as his friend plays a note on the guitar.]
[Winker:] Too slow. Ready? [winks as his friend plays a note on the guitar. Winks his other eye to a higher note. Winks the other eye again. Goes back and forth a bunch.]
[Winker:] Ow, my eyes!
[wheezywaiter.com youtube.com/wheezywaiter outro]
Greetings beardlovers. So there's this magazine - Red Eye Chicago that's located [sneezes, blows his nose] ahh, must be all that Wicker Park air pollution.
[Title on screen: Thanks to: Matt Weber, Sam Grant, Tyler Burke]

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