Who'll Stop the Rain

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"Who'll Stop the Rain"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 231
Original Upload date January 13, 2010
Running time 0:03:31
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Outro Sunglasses outro
Wink submitted by tristopiaTV
Episode chronology
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Where did I put my intro?
[Clip from the previous day's video of Craig eating the intro]
Oh yeah. Gotta pass that through. Oh, I have just the thing. [sips coffee. sips coffee again. gets up suddenly.]
[In the bathroom, Craig, who appears to be sitting, sighs deeply.] And done. [stands up, turns around, looks down] There it is!
[Wheezy Waiter beard intro happens inside the toilet bowl.]
In the comments, mynameisMert asks [shows comment] "Just exactly where does the rain begin and end?" Good question, Mr. or Mrs. My. I'm gonna sit here and ponder that and pretend I'm not gonna read a Wikipedia page. [turns head to look offscreen]
[to camera:] Apparently, rain begins in a cloud when enough condensation of water vapor forms into raindrops heavy enough to fall. This is caused by two processes possibly acting together - the cooling of the air and the adding of water vapor to the air. Duh.
[looks back at camera after reading something offscreen] As for your second question, "where will the rain end?", that's two questions. You only get one. Sorry.
And according to John Fogerty of Credence Clearwater Revival, the rain hasn't ended yet. And he wonders, still he wonders, [singing:] Who'll stop the rain?
rhysandmiles say [shows comment] "I think it's time for some time travel, Wheezy. -Miles" Miles? What happened to Rhys at the end of the comment? Did Rhys get bored in the middle of writing the comment and leave?
[Craig and another Craig sit side by side.]
[Craig:] Hey Rhys.
[other Craig:] Yes, Miles?
[Craig:] Wanna write a comment to Wheezy Waiter?
[other Craig:] Yay!
[Craig:] Okay. [turns to type] I think it's time...
[other Craig:] Boring! [stands up and leaves]
Miles, Rhys seems kind of like a jerk with a short attention span. If you're an attention whore like me, you may want to consider getting a new friend. And/or sibling. And/or cousin. And/or parent. And/or doctor. And/or masseuse. And/or life partner. And/or death partner. I don't know your relationship with Rhys.
As for time travel, I'll do it!
Many of you may know I have acquired a time travel machine. Confused? To the layman, that's time machine. I'm gonna go to the future now and see what happens. [gets up and leaves frame. We can still hear his voice:] Time travel noises.
[Title on screen: 2 hours in the future]
[Craig leaps through the room.] Hooray! I'm in the future!
[Title on screen: 10 minutes later]
[Craig runs from kitchen through the room and out of frame. We can hear him say:] Time travel noises.
[Craig sits at his computer:] How am I gonna respond to this rhysandmiles thing? I'm just one man. Why am I talking to myself?
[Time-traveling Craig lands/suddenly appears in the kitchen:] Oh, I came back too far.
[Craig:] Hey, you want to help me re-enact this?
[Time-traveling Craig:] Okay.
[Craig nods happily:] Alright.
[Craig and time-traveling Craig sit side by side.]
[Craig:] Hey Rhys.
[Time-traveling Craig:] Yes, Miles?
[Craig:] Wanna write a comment to Wheezy Waiter?
[Time-traveling Craig:] Yay!
[Craig:] Okay. [turns to type] I think it's time...
[Time-traveling Craig:] Boring! [stands up to leave] How was that? Was that good?
[Craig:] Yeah, that was pretty good.
[Time-traveling Craig:] Alright, I gotta go back to the present.
[Craig:] See ya later, Future Craig.
[Time-traveling Craig goes back into the kitchen.] [He lands in the bed. Gets out of bed, groaning.] Keep showing up in different locations.
[making air quotes] "Time travel noises" is my password. I'm gonna have to change that now.
Look at this future device I bought in the future. [holds up a wireless mic] Stole.
It's a wireless microphone. Let's see if it works.
[Standing by bookshelf, whispering into his wireless mic:] I'm whispering sweet nothings to you by my bookshelf.
[sitting on floor of kitchen, still whispering into the mic:} Now I'm over in my kitchen. Hey there, how are you doing?
[not in frame, but still whispering into mic:] Now I'm in my bathroom. Ooh, looks like I left a little bit of intro in the toilet. [sound of toilet flushing]
[leans down behind his chair in front of TV, whispers into mic:] Hey, guess what? There's a guy by the name of tristopiaTV on YouTube. He's a pretty funny guy.
[On floor by the bed, whispering into mic:] And he just featured me in one of his videos.
[Back in his chair, whispering into mic:] So now I'm gonna feature... [stops]
So now I'm gonna feature him in one of my videos. Check him out. tristopiaTV.
[tristopiaTV winks (ding), points to his eye, and shouts:] Mum! It made the sound again!
[Wheezy Waiter sunglasses outro]
Oh yeah, my New Years resolution to have at least one different camera angle in every video. [turns to camera which is filming him at his desk from the kitchen. whispers into wireless mic:] See you tomorrow. [waves]

Recurring elements

comments, Wikipedia, time travel, wink, alternate camera angle


Throughout the video, Craig pronounces the name "Rhys" like "rise." This is important for the following day's video, which is Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.

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