When nate met sally

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"when nate met sally"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 14
Original Upload date June 21, 2007
Running time 0:03:48
Wink submitted by WheezyWaiter
Great People
Guests: Nate Bartley
Episode chronology
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"The Fountain"
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"Good Morning"



Good evening complete strangers. It's June 21st.
I'm a gentle creature in a sea of overexposure.
Ladies, I can only handle three at a time. So stop e-mailing me about fivesomes!
There's a chance that my head manager at work might start watching my movies.
If that's the case, I'm just kidding! It's all a joke! There are plenty of wonderful things about being a waiter. I like the flexibility, the people I work with, the interesting people I get to meet all the time, the great food, the good tips, the atmosphere, the smell, the absolute exhaustion. You know, I mean the good kind of exhaustion. The kind that makes you feel like, Oh yeah! No pain no gain, right?
Well now that you've been properly debriefed, sir, I need to let everyone about a new toy I got. Well, not really new. Ryan had in his possession this little plate here. This little plate helps me connect my camera to a tripod.
[holding the tripod] I think I'll call it Sally. Sally the tripod.
She has three disgustingly sexy extendable legs.
With this, I can do so many different angles.
Such as...
This. And this. And this. And this. And this.
I can also do things like dramatically pan right until I end up ... on my face.
Or I can do things like tilt down until I surprisingly end up ... on my face.
I can even pan left and the camera will climax ... on my face.
Since I have the tripod now, the new angle I will mainly be filming at is ... this. [shot from below Wheezy's crotch]
I'm just kidding. It's all a joke.
Tonight I'm starting a new segment called The Nates I Know, in which I interview every Nate that I know.
Tonight's Nate: Nate [music].
As a child, Nate was gifted. When he grew up, he was in two bands: Driftless Pony Club and Sleep Out.
[Wheezy the waiter:] Greetings. Welcome to [music]. Could you please say your name for the complete strangers?
[Nate:] Nathaniel Ryan [music]
[Wheezy the waiter:] Hmm. What the hell's that mean?
[Nate:] I believe it means 'gift from god.'
[Wheezy the waiter:] Super interesting. What do you do, Nate?
[Nate:] I'm a drummer.
[Wheezy the waiter:] Oh that's so cool. Could you do a little drumming for me?
[Nate:] What kind of drum?
[Wheezy the waiter:] I have just the thing. [grabs a pot] Keith Moon once banged this pot. Bang away.
[Nate:] Thank you.
[Wheezy the waiter:] Now bang the drum slowly.
[Nate starts drumming the pot:] Is that slow enough for you?
[Wheezy the waiter:] Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
[Nate:] Alright?
[Wheezy the waiter:] Dude, you rock! Do a drum solo!
[Nate:] I need more than one drum for a drum solo.
[Wheezy the waiter:] Hmmm. Use my head.
[Nate drums the pot and the top of Wheezy's head.]
[Wheezy the waiter:] Can I get you a refill on that beer?
[Nate:] Yes, that'd be excellent.
[Wheezy the waiter:] Right away. [Wheezy grabs a beer out of the fridge behind Nate.] There you are, sir.
[Nate:] Thank you, sir.
[Wheezy the waiter:] Clear that out of your way for you. [takes the empty beer bottle] Oh, before I forget, we need to know if you have any sort of health deficiencies. It's for our insurance.
[Nate:] I have asthma.
[Wheezy the waiter:] Asthma? I invented asthma!
[Music plays as Wheezy and Nate inhale on their inhalers.]
[Wheezy the waiter:] So where was I? Hey, you want to beatbox for me?
[Nate:] Alright.
[Wheezy the waiter:] Sweet. Do it.
[Beatboxing plays over a montage of Wheezy the waiter dancing, Wheezy dancing in the alley and in his apartment.]
That concludes my first interview with a Nate I know.
Now a couple of thank yous for the people who helped me yesterday. Thanks to Ryan for filming me jump into the fountain. Thanks to Matt for spraying me with the hose. And thanks to Tim for laughing. And thank you for watching.
[wink (ding)]
[More of Nate drumming on the pot and Wheezy's head]

Recurring elements

complete strangers, The Nates I Know, Driftless Pony Club (DPC), music replaces the restaurant's name, wink


This is the first video with The Nates I Know and the first that explicitly mentions Driftless Pony Club (DPC).

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