Wheezy Western

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"Wheezy Western"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 41
Original Upload date August 22, 2007
Running time 0:03:04
Intro chips and salsa intro
Outro wheezywaiter.com outro
Wink submitted by WheezyWaiter
Great People
Directed by Craig Benzine
Matt Weber
Camera work by Craig Benzine
Matt Weber
Guests: Zaid Maxwell
Featured Clones

unnamed clones of both Craig and Zaid

Episode chronology
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"the screen test"
Next →
"Opera Sox"



[wheezywaiter dot com chips and salsa intro]
[Title on the screen: OZARK COUSINS WEEK!!!]
[Voiceover: Today's episode co-directed by Matthew Weber, writer and director of the Ozark Cousins movie]
[Wheezy outside:] Greetings wheezies. It's August 22nd. I'm here eating with Zaid Maxwell, star of Ozark Cousins. You can tell a lot about a person by how they eat. [footage of Zaid eating]
[voiceover:] For instance, Zaid uses napkins and drinks green tea out of monolithic canisters. Here's Zaid in the Ozark Cousins movie [clip from Ozark Cousins The Movie]. He plays the villain. My, what a groundbreaking performance. Eat your heart out, Henry Fonda.
Now we're here in Wheezy Studios for some unbridled conversation with Zaid. [Zaid is eating ice cream] So now what are you eating?
[Zaid:] Mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Oh! I'm a big fan of chips and salsa. Have you ever had chips and salsa? [Zaid pulls out a gun and shoots Wheezy in the shoulder] You shot me!
[Zaid and Wheezy in unison:] Gun fight!!
[A capella western music in the background for rest of video.]
To train for a gunfight, I like to shoot people from my window. [Wheezy sees a clone of his in the street who stops to wave. Wheezy shoots him.]
And Zaid likes to shoot people in the back. [From the alley, Zaid sees a Wheezy clone waving and shoots him in the back.]
Time for a scenery montage. Eat your heart out, an acclaimed cinematographer. [Shots of clouds, flowers, rat extermination warning]
[Wheezy and Zaid, both wearing cowboy hats, face each other across a long distance. Closeups of Zaid and Wheezy. Closeups of their eyes. Rapid cutting between the closeups of their eyes. Zaid leans, pulls his gun. Wheezy pulls his gun. Wheezy shoots Zaid. Zaid falls to the ground.]
[Wheezy:] The best! Yeah! I'm the best! Auughhh! [Wheezy falls, having been shot in the back by a Zaid clone standing behind him.]
[A Wheezy clone emerges behind Zaid and shoots him in the back. Zaid clone falls to the ground.]
[Wheezy clone:] Woo! Hehehehe. [A Zaid clone runs up from the right of him and holds a gun to his head. A Wheezy clone runs up to the right of Zaid and holds a gun to HIS head. Another Zaid clone runs up and holds a gun to the Wheezy clone's head.]
[Sounds of gunshots can be heard as three Wheezy clones run in their direction. The Zaid clones run away. Wheezy's clones also start running.]
[Two Zaid clones run, leap, high five, and run off in opposite directions.]
[Two Wheezy clones give up the chase, having lost Zaid clones.]
[Wheezy clone #1:] Alright, let's go get some chips and salsa.
[Wheezy clone #2:] How about some mint ice cream?
[Wheezy clone #1 shoots Wheezy clone #2. Wheezy clone #2 falls to the ground. Wheezy clone #3 runs into frame.]
[Wheezy clone #3:] Where'd everybody go?
[Wheezy clone #3 walks towards camera and winks.] [wink (ding)]
[wheezywaiter dot com outro]

Recurring elements

Ozark Cousins, wheezies, chips and salsa, clone, wink


This video was originally posted to Wheezy's blog on August 22 2007. He re-posted it to YouTube in March of 2009 during a week's vacation from making new videos.

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