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"Wheezy Responds"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 623
Original Upload date February 23, 2012
Running time 0:03:02
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Wink submitted by THEJ3RM101
Great People
Guests: Chyna Pate
Episode chronology
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"Celebrity Thinking Day"
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"Home India Home"



[slides in/singing rug]
Hey beardlovers. If you're like me, you too like to eat whole bowls of whipped cream? And one time you accidentally ate a whole bowl of shaving cream? I thought I was the only one. Strength in numbers, right?
Actually, I never did that. I can't believe you ate a whole bowl of shaving cream. What an idiot. Wouldn't you have known after the first bite? At least I knew... before I ate the whole thing.
[Wheezy Waiter beard intro]
Beardlovers, big news. Tomorrow I'm getting on a plane, and I'm flying to India. With a two hour hangover in London. I meant to say layover. No I didn't.
I'm documenting the efforts of water dot org over in India.
And that's good 'cause I love water. I'm a bit iffy about orgies, though, which is what I assume org stands for. They can get a bit messy. Physically and emotionally.
No, guys, come on! That's not what org means. Come on, guys! Come on.
So I'm gonna be in India all next week, and I don't know what my internet connectivity situation's gonna be. And I don't know what my bowel situation's gonna be.
I'm told that the latter will not be good for first-time visitors to India. But that's alright, because I've been meaning to lose weight.
So I don't know if I'm gonna get any video uploaded next week, but I'm gonna try my best, 'cause I love watching myself. I mean, I love talking to you guys.
And to prove that I love talking to you guys, I'm gonna respond to comments. Top priority are the comments on my website. So I'm gonna respond to those first.
So on my website, in the comment section of the video Board Leader, the commenter Elove0209 so eloquently and with decisive wisdom inscribes, [shows comment] hi.
Mm. The prose. So true. You know, they say good writers borrow and great writers steal. Therefore, it is my ambition at this juncture to invoke the very illustrious verbiage of the one with whom my discourse is engaged by uttering the timely and cogent response... Hi.
Samburuca97 writes, [shows comment] hey wheezy ur deck looks a bit crap here's some recomended 1s 4 u blah blah blah blah.
I appreciate those recommendations that I'm going to ignore, but unfortunately I'm going to ignore them.
The deck you're referring to is the deck of my skateboard. [holds up skateboard] I always have a skateboard on my lap. The deck is the board part of the board. Well, Sam... or should I call you Sambu? The Burucster? ... It's okay. I already have a plan to replace it. All I have to do is reinforce it with something that's long, doesn't have a point, and I have no problem walking all over it. Season 2 of Angel. [Holds up DVD against the board.]
On my video Chair vs Couch, Joe Reese comments, [shows comment] Lol I LOVE YOU CRAIG!! But totally in a platonic way, of coursse.
Well, Joe Reese, may I say that I love your peanut butter cups as well as your pieces. But in all honesty, I love M&Ms more. And that's in a romantic way. I don't wish to talk more about that.
David Tiefenthaler writes, [shows comment] I think Explosion Wednesday is moving past beta mode. Let's hope people only use it for good.
I agree. People should use it for good, but we're nowhere near past beta mode. We just stepped in from the front porch of beta mode. We haven't even been inside long enough to decide if it's called a foyer or a foyer [pronounces it foy-ae].
Speaking of peanut butter, Daniel P. B. Johnson writes, [shows comment] Why doesn't Chyna have clones?
[Chyna is now standing behind him.] My girlfriend Chyna doesn't get to make clones, because only I make clones. It would be too confusing with all these people around. [turns to her and starts sliding back his chair] Sorry, Chyna, you know .... [Another Chyna is standing there. He gasps.] You made a clone without me?
[Chyna:] No, no, no. That's my twin sister.
[Craig:] Well, how long has she been around?
[Chyna's twin:] Since birth! [She and Chyna high five.]
[Wheezy Waiter outro]
[VIewer-submitted wink (ding)]
Okay, fine. Now I'll respond to some comments over there on YouTube.
[shows comment by shockattack2:] first.
No you're not.
[shows comment by Ttttommy2:] 7th!
No, you were 8th.
[shows comment by Dannyboy500:] oh.
[shows comment by Dragonwing16:] hahahaha
[shows comment by tkherbi9a:] Hahaha
[shows comment by RodionRUSDUB:] Hahaaa
[shows comment by C0nstellati0ns:] dzghj
[Craig speaks in gibberish.]

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