What is a Beardlover?

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"What is a Beardlover?"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 640
Original Upload date April 23, 2012
Running time 0:04:55
Intro Wheezy beard intro
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Transcript (in progress)

So you know what's hot right now? I mean, besides me. Geez. I'm blushing.
There are so many gaming channels on YouTube. Well, I'm nothing if not a trend-jumper-onner-tooer, so time for some gaming.
Let's see. Ooh, ace! Yeah! King... thing on the king... Oh, another ace. Yeah! Yes! I did not just put that three on that two. Oh yeah I did! Woo! Geez, that Jack has a staff. Watch out for the staff.
Well, after very unextensive research, I've exhausted all possibilities with gaming. Talk to me when you get Blackjack, gaming industry. I mean, really. I mean, really. So beardlovers, what I want to talk to you about today is beardlovers. If that's your real name and I'm not sure that it is but it is what I refer to you as.
I realize that many of you out there might enjoy watching my videos but don't actually enjoy being referred to as beardlovers. This guy doesn't like being referred to as a beardlover. That's charlieissocoollike. He makes YouTube videos.
He just said he doesn't like to be referred to as beardlovers in a video that I have linked in the doobily-du... in the doobly-doo.
Now I completely understand charlieissocoollike's point, and I'm not trying to feud with him or anything like that.
That was a transitional punch into the next thing that I'm talking about. That wasn't a violent feuding punch.
I would just like to explain what it means to be a beardlover.
Being a beardlover does not mean that you enjoy all beards. You enjoy my beard, and I don't mean my beard...
I'm brushing the microphone with my beard...
I mean you enjoy general Wheezy Waiterness.
Did I do a little shimmy at the end there? I didn't mean to. But, hey, we'll go with it. You could hate beards and still be a beardlover. You could hate bears and still be a beardlover. Or Bea Arthur. Or be... the state of being. Or the letter B. Or bees. Especially if you're allergic. Or Bea Arthur. I already said Bea Arthur. Or the Bee Gees. I'm allergic to the Bee Gees.
- Did somebody say Bee Gees? I'm totally turning the stereo on.
- Oh. Oh no. No, don't. Oh. Oh god. Oh geez. Augh. I'm breaking out.
- I'm breaking hearts. Oh yeah.
Anyway, Charlie makes another point in his video, and that's that he doesn't wanna refer to the person watching as a fan or an audience.
After all, the person watching this video is just you. Yeah. You. Not that person behind you. You. That person behind you's watching now too. Tell them to go away. You.
That's a very valid point, and it depends on what I'm talking about, but sometimes I prefer to picture you like this.
As opposed to this.
Just a different style. What works for him works for him. And what works for me works for me works for me. I didn't mean to say that three times. Sorry to waste your time about that.
I didn't want to waste your time by saying "works for me" a third time.
It's a mistake that I will try to avoid in the future. I know that your time is important so let's not waste it any further by saying things that we don't need to say.
I don't want to take up any more of your time, okay? Okay.
So I'm going to continue to refer to you as beardlovers. No matter how you feel about actual beards. Whether you're watching me like this.
- That's good jerky.
Or like this.
- Ha! His forehead wrinkle looks like a mouth.
Or like this.
- What? That's not Lil Wayne. Oh, that's Weezy without an H.
Or whether your name is actually beardlovers and it's really uncomfortable to hear me say your own name.
Or whether your nickname for Hitler is also beardlovers. Which would be odd because you'd be assigning a plural name to one person, but let's not get into that. Or whether or not you consider yourself a true beardlover because you don't watch my videos that often or this is the first time you've ever watched one of my videos.
If this is your first time, Hi. How you doing? Love me.
So, regardless, I will be referring to you as a beardlover. It's okay. No one else needs to know that you're being referred to as a beardlover.
And really, what I refer to you as should be the least of your concerns. You should be worried about whether or not I'm going to be taking my shirt off in this video, which I often do, and it's always highly disturbing.
But don't worry. This time I won't be taking my shirt off.
Until now.
- It sounds like things are getting sexy out here.
- Oh no. Oh no. I'm itchy. And I'm dancing. Oh no. I'm itchy, but I can't stop dancing. Oh, hey.
That's good jerky. Hey. Hey beardhaters out there, it's me. It's me. You know me as Revenge Clone. That's not my real name. I actually have a name. But I snuck into this video to let you know that I'm starting a podcast. It's all about hating Wheezy Waiter. Click on the annotation here on the screen to go listen to the first podcast. Over there I can tell you what my name is. Go for it. Do it. Hehehe. Hehehe. This really is good jerky.

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