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This is where our To-Do list found on the main page is written. If you would like to suggest new items for the main page, simply create a header in the "Proposed News" section. Others will come by behind you and clean it up, and an administrator may feature it on the main page once it becomes brilliant prose.

Currently Featured To-Do


We eventually want to distinguish whether the songs Craig sings in his videos are original songs, Driftless Pony Club songs, covers, or whether they're parody songs/puns based on songs that already exist (he sang a lot of these during his breakfast-eating videos). Someone already started this work, but it's a lot of videos to look at. Here's the list of where the songs appear: Song and on the Discussion page there, a list has already been started. Once completed, we can go crazy with making subcategories, etc.


Feels like we could use an FAQ page on this here Wiki. This could include Q's relating to WheezyWaiter himself (like his camera set-up?) or Q's relating specifically to this site here, it's your call cowboy!

Ty the Regular Guy

The overview page for Ty the Regular Guy could really use some plot synopsis added to it. Anyone wanna take a stab at that?

Quality control

One thing we constantly need, even while caught up with transcripts, is for those transcripts to be checked and improved, where necessary. So if as watching videos or reading transcripts, you notice mistakes, spelling errors, missing elements/characters, or things you think you could word better, feel free to jump in and edit the transcript. Your edits will be reviewed. Go team!

Proposed To-Do


Craig has been in a LOT of collab videos during his tenure on YouTube, a list has been started, but it would be great to catalogue them in such a way that we could feature them on the front page in a sort of "On this day in Wheezy history" fashion. Does that make sense to anyone? TheMeFund 00:30, 22 November 2011 (MST)

Completed Tasks