Tour de Beard 5: Birthday in the Mountains

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"Tour de Beard 5: Birthday in the Mountains"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 200
Original Upload date October 5, 2009
Running time 0:02:37
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Outro website/youtube outro
Wink submitted by Sam's Uncle Bob
Great People
Guests: Matt Weber
Sam Grant
Sam's Uncle Bob
Episode chronology
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"Tour de Beard 4: Boulder"
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"Tour de Beard 6: San Diego"



[Title on screen: Sam's Uncle's House. Littleton, Colorado]
[Matt:] You know you have to throw that to San Diego.
[Sam, holding his sleeping mat:] I don't know if I can throw it all the way to San Diego. That's pretty...
[Matt:] I don't think you can either.
[Sam:] That's pretty far.
[Sam's Uncle Bob:] You gotta be kidding me. Uncle Bob taught you how to do stuff like that. [takes sleeping mat] You gotta be kidding me. [throws it up into the air]
[Sam:] It's really, really high.
[Wheezy Waiter beard intro]
Hey beardlovers. We're driving through the Rockies right now. What's happening?
[Justin:] It's *ding*ing snowing. [shot of highway]
And apparently the Fiesta knows that it's snowing. [Shows speedometer which has a little snowflake light lit up underneath it]
[Justin:] I wonder what it's doing about it.
This was the weather 20 minutes ago. [shot of trees/side of highway, no snow] And this is the weather now. [shot of trees/side of highway in rain] And now here's the weather 10 minutes later [side of highway, dry]. And here's 10 minutes even later. [side of highway/trees covered in snow]
[Craig and Justin sing over footage of snowy trees on hillside:] I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.
The snow alert went from yellow to red. [showing the snowflake light in the Fiesta]
[Justin:] Yeah, the Fiesta's got a tiny Bush administration inside of it.
Okay, now I believe we are past the Rockies, and we are in Utah, where the sun is in the exact wrong place to light my face. Until I do this. [leans forward into the sunlight] Hey, wanna see our beards?
[DPC song plays as Matt, Justin, Craig, and Sam do profiles and face camera. Sam's Uncle Bob does the same (even though he doesn't have a beard.) He winks (ding).]
So now I'll show you what it's like to be on tour the majority of the time. Stuff coming at you from the front. [shot of highway ahead of the car] Going past you on the side [shooting the side of highway]. Justin [Justin, who's driving, puts his finger in his nose and notices camera, drops his hand.] Sometimes you can try to read and not get carsick cause you're in the stupid beautiful mountains [holding a book which bounces up and down with movement of car] And there's also this.
[Craig sings and Justin joins in:] I remember when I was young, me and Suzy had so much fun. [cut] She's lump, she's lump, she's lump ...
[Craig:] Whoop, too many lumps.
[Craig and Justin sing:] On the shore they work all day, out in the sun they slave away, [mumbles] is better down where it's wetter, under the sea, darling it's hotter under the water, take it from me.
For many many hours.
We're headed to Vegas tonight. We're not playing a show. We're playing a show in two nights in San Diego. Info in the doobly-doo.
And today, October 5th, is also my birthday. So I'm gonna keep this wink to myself. [Craig winks (ding)]
[Justin:] I didn't know it was your birthday.
[Craig:] I told you yesterday.
[Justin:] Oh yeah. Good talk.
[ outro]
[Title on screen: Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel] [Matt is at the window, Justin is lying in the bed.]
[Matt:] Hey Sam! Come look at this!
[Sam:] Not now! I'm watching TV in the bathroom mirror.
[Matt:] Come look at it now!
[Sam:] Ugh!! [walks to window] What?!
[Matt, pointing out window:] What is that?
[Sam:] Oh yeah. It's my sleeping mat.
[Matt:] What...? How... how is it moving so slow?
[Sam:] Oh... uh... my uncle's a wizard.
[Matt:] Oh.
[Sam:] Yep. [Sam turns and leaves the window.]

Recurring elements

Driftless Pony Club (DPC), tour video, Sam throwing sleeping mat, beardlovers, *ding*, Ford Fiesta Movement, beard growth check on Tour de Beard, wink, song, doobly-doo

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