Tour de Beard 4: Boulder

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"Tour de Beard 4: Boulder"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 199
Original Upload date October 4, 2009
Running time 0:02:00
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Outro website/youtube outro
Wink submitted by cheifsky
Great People
Guests: Matt Weber
Sam Grant
Episode chronology
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"Tour de Beard 3: Colorado Springs"
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"Tour de Beard 5: Birthday in the Mountains"



[Title on screen: Colorado Springs, CO]
[In front of giant rocks, Matt is talking to Sam.]
[Matt:] So I was watching this documentary.
[Sam, holding his sleeping bag:] Yeah?
[Matt:] River Phoenix was in it...
[Sam:] The PBS thing?
[Matt:] Yeah, he was... he was playing a boy scout. Umm... and they were in the desert somewhere. I think it was, like, Utah. And anyways, he comes across this cave and in the cave there are these guys digging up ... umm... the cross.
[Sam:] Oh..
[Matt:] ... the Cross of Coronado...
[Sam:] Hey, where are we... where are we going next?
[Matt:] Umm, Boulder.
[Sam:] Boulder?
[Matt:] Colorado.
[Sam:] How far away is that?
[Matt:] I don't know. About an hour. That way. [gestures]
[Sam:] That way?
[Matt:] Mm hmm.
[Sam:] Psh. [tosses sleeping bag without even taking a step]
[Matt:] It turns out River Phoenix is Indiana Jones.
[Sam:] Really?
[Matt:] Mm hmm.
[Sam:] That's what the documentary was about?
[Matt:] Yeah. It was a pretty good one.
[Sam:] I never knew he was a boy scout.
[Matt:] I don't know. I think that might not have been real.
[Sam:] I enjoy him in all his roles.
[Matt:] Yep. Too bad.
[Sam:] About what?
[Wheezy Waiter beard intro]
Hey beardlovers. Today in Colorado Springs, we went to The Garden of the Gods where we went on all sorts of adventures. [shot of some people rockclimbing on the giant rocks] There's me, rockclimbing. [text on screen: Not actually me.] And then we checked out our beards. [DPC song plays as the Matt, Craig, Sam, and Justin do their profiles and look straight at camera.]
The Garden of the Gods is this public park with all these cool rock formations. We were really excited to be there. In particular, Matt was excited.
[Matt in The Garden of the Gods:] I love rocks. I *ding*in' love 'em.
And so was Sam.
[Sam:] I don't... I don't want to say anything to you right now.
And Justin gave us another tidbit of information.
[Justin:] Rocks are thousands of years old. You're welcome.
Now I'm in Boulder where we're playing tonight and I have to get going. I'll leave you with the best moment on the tour so far.
[Craig is lying in a hammock.]
[Matt, who's filming Craig in the hammock:] How many times have you been in a hammock before?
[Craig:] Counting this one?
[Matt:] No.
[Craig:] Zero.
[Matt:] So that means this is the first time you've ever been in a hammock.
[Craig:] Counting this one?
[Matt:] Yeah.
[Craig:] Yes.
[Viewer-submitted wink (ding)]
[ outro]
[text on screen: Boulder, CO] [Matt and Sam are standing by the FIesta.]
[Matt:] So flash-forward like 30 years...
[Sam:] 30 years, huh?
[Matt:] I don't know how many years, but a lot of years.
[Sam:] 30
[Matt:] He's on a boat and he's going after the Cross of Coronado again but this time [Sam reaches out and catches the sleeping mat] he's Harrison Ford.
[Sam:] Wow.
[Matt:] Mm hmm. Whole thing blows up.

Recurring elements

Driftless Pony Club (DPC), tour video, Sam throwing sleeping mat, beardlovers, beard growth check on Tour de Beard, *ding*, wink

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