Tour de Beard 12: Spokane

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"Tour de Beard 12: Spokane"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 207
Original Upload date October 15, 2009
Running time 0:02:04
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Outro website/youtube outro
Wink submitted by Crimsong19
Great People
Guests: Matt Weber
Sam Grant
Episode chronology
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"Tour de Beard 11: Seattle"
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"Tour de Beard 13: The Longest Journey"



[title on screen: Seattle, WA]
[Sam is lying on pavement, holding sleeping mat]
[Sam:] Man, why I gotta throw this thing?
[Matt:] I don't remember why but you gotta throw it.
[Sam:] I'm sick of throwing it.
[Matt:] But you gotta throw it.
[Sam:] My arm really hurts.
[Matt:] It's your density.
[Sam:] No!
[Matt:] I mean destiny.
[Sam:] No!
[Matt:] Throw it.
[Sam:] No!
[Matt:] Just throw it.
[Sam:] NO!
[Matt:] Throw it!
[Matt:] Throw it!
[Matt:] AAAAAAA!
[Matt:] AAA! AAA!
[Sam:] Yeah!
[Matt:] Yeah.
[Sam, getting up:] Yeah!
[Matt:] You got it now!
[Sam:] Yeah!! [throws it]
[Matt:] Thrown.
[Wheezy Waiter beard intro]
[Craig, sitting in a chair:] Hey beardlovers.
Let's take a look at the beards.
[DPC song plays while Justin, Matt, Craig, and Sam do their profiles and look straight at the camera to document their beard growth. Sam has a leaf in his mouth which falls out.]
We played a show in Seattle last night. [Clip oF DPC performing "House of 1982 Built Like A Ship"]
Now we're in Spokane. We found a great place to pick up some extra parts. [Awning that says "Parts" on it] So yeah, it's bedtime.
[Jason, the winker, tries winking a couple of times unsuccessfully:] I'm gonna get it this next one. Just... it's like... it's like reps... like doing reps. [winks (ding)] Wow! [breathes heavily] I think I need a drink now.
[ outro]
[Title on screen: Spokane, WA]
[Sam:] I don't wanna catch it. I'm sick of catching it.
[Matt:] You have to catch it.
[Sam:] No!
[Matt:] Yes!
[Justin walks up as they're yelling at each other]
[Justin:] What are you dingleberries doing?
[Matt:] Nothing.
[Justin catches the sleeping mat. Hands it to Sam.]
[Justin:] There you go, goober. [walks off]
[Matt and Sam walk off in opposite directions.]

Recurring elements

Driftless Pony Club (DPC), tour video, Sam throwing sleeping mat, Back to the Future, beardlovers, beard growth check on Tour de Beard, song, wink

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