The Hunger Flames

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"The Hunger Flames"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 688
Original Upload date September 12, 2012
Running time 0:03:07
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Transcript (in progress)

Funny story. The other day I was buffing my new couch, one of my favorite things to do because I always find leftover food between the cushions. This time I found falafel. And some lentil soup. But then I found one of my exploding pens.
It's a good thing I managed... Oh, that's right. That was five minutes ago. I still haven't finished my lentil soup.
Wheezy Waiter
I got schmutz... I got schmutz on me.
Now listen very closely, alright, because I'm gonna be discreet about it.
Today is Wednesday, Wednesday, Explosion Wednesday. Were you paying attention?
Every Wednesday we talk about things explosion-related. At least we're testing it out to see if we want to make it a permanent fixture in the Wheezy repertoi-ah.
Whoa! Did an explosion just happen? Ah, I was saying French words again.
Bonjou-ah! Ratatoui-ah! The Tou-ah de France. Honh honh honh.
Sorry. Anyway, in explosion news, Tabata: SCORCH calories without a time commitment.
Everyone's all about being healthy and saving time these days. Well, if saving time's your only goal, I got you covered. Observe.
Two birds one stone. Boom. Time saved.
Anyway, what is this Tabata crap?
Apparently it's a cycle of 20 seconds of high intensity activity followed by ten seconds of rest for four minutes.
Whatever activity is up to you. I think my activity will be saying Tabata.
Tabata Tabata Tabata Tabata Tabata Tabata Tabata Taba...
Tabata Tabata Tabata Tabata Tabata Tabata.
And then I'll try another activity. Eating.
I feel the calories melting away already.
In other news, Catching FIRE has started SHOOTING.
Catching Fire is the sequel to The Hunger Games. Now I never saw or read The Hunger Games.
That's alright. I don't need to see or read the first one to be excited about the sequel.
I can pretty much assume what the first one's about. It was something like this.
- Man, I'm so hungry I could eat a house.
- Oh yeah? I could eat two houses.
- Well, I could eat a duplex with two fat families inside.
- Cannibal!
- Pig families.
- Oh. Aw, I just watched Babe.
- The Babe Ruth movie?
- No, that's The Babe.
- Oh. I could go for a Baby Ruth right now.
- I could go for two.
- I wonder if there's any in the couch. Aw man. It's just a giant bag of grapes. That's mostly water. What is this? The Thirsty Games? Am I right? Am I right?
- Shut up.
Spot on! With what I think happened.
Why is everything so far in today's video food-based? I guess I shouldn't write scripts before I eat breakfast. What's next?
Oh. I guess I must have eaten at that point. We're done with food now. In other news...
Huge EXPLOSION spotted on Jupiter.
Really? That's awesome. Let's watch the video.
Oh, here it comes. Wait for it. Wait for it. Uh....
What? Please. I can do better than that. Check it out.
Okay, let's fullscreen this puppy. Here goes, ready? Here it comes. Wait for it. Wait for it.
Ha ha ha!
That's better. In other news...
Oh. I... I guess we're done.
Wheezy Waiter
So you may have noticed that I'm wearing this shirt today that says PoPS. Can you see it? Here, let me get it closer.
PoPS. It stands for Platoon of Power Squadron. It's a web series that my friend makes that I am in. I shoot lightning out of my hands. There's lots and lots of other awesome superhero stuff. You should check it out because the sixth episode just came out today. Part one.
Hey and you know what else pops? Explosions! Well, I guess balloons pop too. And bubbles. But this isn't Balloons and Bubbles Wednesday. This is Explosion Wednesday. Test.

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