The Fiesta has Arrived

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"The Fiesta has Arrived"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 154
Original Upload date April 29, 2009
Running time 0:03:29
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Outro website/youtube outro
Wink submitted by Zaid Maxwell
Great People
Guests: Craig's mom
Ford people
fellow Fiesta agents Mandy, Directorian, Evolution of Dance guy, Casey (miltownkid)
Episode chronology
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"Laundry Day"
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"Something Real"



[Wheezy Waiter beard intro]
[slides in/singing rug]
Hey beardlovers. Hmm... what should I talk about today?
[Craig's actual mom at the window:] Talk about your *ding*ing Fiesta.
Wow! I'm getting really good at that impression of my mom.
[Craig's mom at window:] Nope. You suck.
[Craig in his car:] That's right. I have a Ford Fiesta! Yaaaay! But my mom thinks I suck. But I have a Ford Fiesta! Yaaaay! How did I get this Ford Fiesta?
[voiceover:] Cue sentimental music. [Sentimental music starts.] Flashback wipe. [Windshield wipers on the car do one wipe.]
Good morning beardlovers. I'm on vacation. In Chicago. [points camera out hotel window to show the river, tall buildings] Wait a second... I live in Chicago.
[shot of breakfast buffet:] Forget the Fiesta. We have free breakfast.
Okay I'm getting really excited cause we're about to talk about policy and procedure.
[Ford guy doing a presentation:] So as far as the insurance goes, it's important... insurance card... [shot of excited, smiling Craig listening] ... so before you leave...
[Craig filming himself in the mirror:] I'm carrying too much stuff.
[sitting next to Directorian on a bus:] What is this? What are we doing on this bus? Why are we here?
[Directorian:] We are going to be going to get our new Fiestas.
[Craig:] We get a car?
[shot from the bus of the parking lot with the Fiestas. Craig filming his new Fiesta. Opens the door.] Wow.
[Craig to some Ford guy:] Hey, thanks for letting me sit in a car for a day. That was awesome. So when do we get back on the bus?
[Ford guy shakes his head:] The car's yours.
[Craig:] What?
[Ford guy:] Yeah.
[Craig, back in the Fiesta, in the present:] Sometimes I don't understand the things going on around me. But yay! New car!
[seating in each of the seats:] Drivers side front seat. Drivers side back seat. Passenger side back seat. Passenger side front seat.
[back in his apartment:] Indoor office chair! I'm a dork.
They also gave me this shirt. [shows off his shirt] These aviators [points to his aviators, which he's now wearing ] And these driving shoes. [holds foot up to camera] I'd never heard of driving shoes. One more thing. This Sony HD webby.
[Filming the Sony camera box and another Fiesta agent, Casey.] You are now in a Sony commercial. How do you feel about that?
[Casey:] Wait, who's in the commercial? The box or me? What's going on right now?
[Craig:] Both of you.
[Casey:] Oh no! I feel good. I love Sony. [holds up his Sony camera box]
Now I can do a dual camera setup. Like this.
How would you grade Obama's first 100 days in office? In other news.... [Craig slides back in his chair almost to the window. Cut to a shot from the other camera:] My sock has a hole in it. This just in. [Slides forward, back to the regular camera:] Slumdog Millionaire couple revealed as real couple. Is love just a crazy game? [takes off aviators] And are we its pawns? [slides backwards, putting his aviators on again, turns to other camera, grabs a VHS tape off his bookshelf.] Star Wars is awesome! [puts tape down, slides forward back to his original camera:] So what does the exterior of my new car look like?
[banjo music plays as Craig stands next to his Fiesta. Leaps in front of it. Hugs it from the front. From the rear. Kicks and throws a few punches in front of it. Does a few kickjumps in front of it. Strikes a few poses.]
[Back behind the wheel:] So this car needs a name. What should I name it? Tell me in the comments.
I want to thank Matt Weber for helping me with the Fiesta application video and Zaid Maxwell for the music. Gimme a wink, Zaid.
[Zaid, singing:] Cause I'm Wheezy... Wheezy like Wheezy Waiter. [winks (ding). laughs.] That was, like, both eyes.
[ title without outro music]
Hello? [Craig is on the phone] Oh hey Oprah. Yeah I'd love to be on your show to talk about the Fiesta. Oh, I can't do it that day. I'm playing Settlers of Catan. You've never heard of Settlers of Catan? It's only the award-winning game of discovery, settlement, and trade created by the German board game maker Klaus Teuber. What? Oprah, are you crying? Oh, Oprah, don't cry. Don't do this. Oprah, be strong.

Recurring elements

singing rug, beardlovers, *ding*, Ford Fiesta Movement, headlines, "I'm a dork.", wink, Settlers of Catan

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