The Clone Chores

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"The Clone Chores"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 220
Original Upload date December 13, 2009
Running time 0:02:20
Wink submitted by
Featured Clones
Episode chronology
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"I Love Puppies"
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"Project for Awesome - Action Against Hunger"



[Music plays as Craig wakes up, hits his alarm. Picks up notebook by his bed. Shot of his Things to do list. "Things to do: Sunday - Chores!" Craig gets out of bed. Follows sign that says Cloning Machine with an arrow pointing to the right. Light flashes from the area of the cloning machine. Afterwards, Craig and four clones emerge. Craig hands one clone a broom. Clone takes broom. Craig tells him to sweep, and clone starts sweeping. Craig drops a wet cloth on the kitchen table and tells another clone to wash the kitchen table. He grabs cloth and starts wiping. Another clone stands beside the sink. He sees a box of Saltines and starts to open it. Craig walks up, slaps him, and points to the dishes. The clone rubs his cheek. Craig picks up the box of Saltines and walks off. In the bathroom, Craig opens the lid to the toilet. The clone starts to unzip his pants. Craig shakes his head and holds up toilet brush. The clone nods, takes the toilet brush and starts cleaning. One clone is sweeping. One clone is wiping kitchen table. Another is doing the dishes. The fourth one is cleaning the toilet bowl. Craig, eating saltines, plays a video game. Kitchen table clone calls the other clones to watch Craig shoving Saltines in his mouth, spilling crumbs everywhere. Seeing the four clones watching him angrily, Craig gets up and runs out of the apartment. The four clones chase him out of the door of his apartment building and onto the street. Craig hides as the four clones run past him. He then runs behind them and dives behind a tree as they all stand on the sidewalk together, confused about where Craig has gone. The clones disperse. Craig runs back into his building. He lies down in bed, picks up his notebook again, and reads his Things to do list again. Underneath "Sunday -Chores!" is written "Monday -Kill clones". Craig smiles, nods, picks up gun, puts his head on his pillow and closes his eyes, holding the gun on his nightstand. He lifts his head, and the gun momentarily, before putting his head down to sleep.]

Recurring elements

standalone movie, clone


This standalone silent film, with no intro or outro, was made as a submission for the Nikon Festival Contest.

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