Testing Out a New Idea

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"Testing Out a New Idea"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 682
Original Upload date August 29, 2012
Running time 0:03:49
Intro Wheezy beard intro
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Transcript (in progress)

Hey beardlovers. So today I wanted... Oh crap, I forgot to fold my laundry. Just a second.
I don't understand. Where'd my clothes go? Exploding pens were useful when I was cave-digging.
Wheezy Waiter
Checking out the monitor, lining up my shot, getting ready for the video-making times.
That picture's a little crooked.
Now I gotta buy another picture. Where's my pen? Dah!
So in case you haven't noticed, things are a bit explodey around here. How could you have not noticed? I guess if you were blind
or deaf
or dead
or dlead - deaf, blind, and dead. Wait, that's all the dead.
Or clicked away to another tab... Hey! Why did you click away to another tab if you're watching this video? Come back!
Your Lolcats will be there when you come back.
Or your taxes
or your fungal wart forums. Gross! Wait, that's the one I'm on.
Or your Facebook
or your Twitter,
Google Plus,
Oh wait. I'm sorry. As if you'd be on Google Plus. I'm sorry, guys. Sorry for being unrealistic.
Also, pretty sure I made up Plarko. Did I?
Turns out I didn't. After Google searching, I found plarko.com. That's it. That's the whole site. No links or anything. Just that logo. Wonder what the board meeting for that was like.
Alright boys, Plarko Industries is in need of a new website. Stevenson, let's see some proofs.
That's a wrap. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go enjoy my profits. Herpy derpy derpy derpy derpy...
That's how a corporate businessman walks away. Herpy derpy derpy...
- No it's not.
- Oh, hey, Corporate Clone.
- You're way out of your depth. Don't be talking about things you don't understand.
Way out of your depth.
Anyway, as I was saying... what was I saying?
- Oh, you asking me? Uh... Am I supposed to know this? Uh... I think you were saying something about...
- It was rhetorical.
- Oh. Why were you asking out loud?
- It just helps me to gather my thoughts.
- That was rhetorical.
- Oh.
I remember! So things seem a bit explodey around here, right? That's because I'm trying out this thing called Explosion Wednesday.
Now I'm not sure I'm gonna it a thing or not yet. We're just testing it out.
What will happen is once a week, Wednesday, we would talk about explosion-related things. Such as explosion news. Such as this.
Experts BLOW UP 550-pound World War II BOMB found in Munich.
Followed by a witty remark from myself, which I'm great at. Such as... Wait, let me... let me think of something. Just a sec.
I'll get... I'll get something. Just .... Hmm.
Munich... Germany....
Sounds like Germaneeds to stop being such pyromaniacs, am I right?
- Really? That's what you're going with, huh?
- No, that's not it. That's not the one.
If they don't stop it, they're gonna run out of aMunichtion. Hahaha.
- Really? That's your pun?
- You got something better?
- The Germans decided to blow up the bomb rather than defuse it because they wanted to avoid the possibility that someone could not see.
- Okay, yeah. That is better.
- Nazi.
So anyway, this isn't an official thing. We're testing it out to see if the world is ready for something like Explosion Wednesday.
So should it be a thing? I put a poll on my website to find out what you think. Linked in the doobly-doo.
So go over there and vote and your vote will be the final without a doubt official answer to whether or not Explosion Wednesday should be a thing.
Wheezy Waiter
Well, hello, welcome to the end screen. Down there is a link to the daily vlog. Over there is a link to the poll to tell me if Explosion Wednesday should be a thing.
Over there is info about my band's upcoming shows in Madison and Minneapolis this Thursday and Friday. And you... you guys hear ticking? What is... ? Daaah! That's a bomb. Okay. What do we... I know. We run away.
It appears to be a dud. Um... should I... should I go grab it? I'm just gonna... I'm gonna go grab it... Aaaaa!

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