Strange Bedfellows

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"Strange Bedfellows"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 583
Original Upload date November 14, 2011
Running time 0:04:22
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Outro video game outro
Wink submitted by thefamouskaytay
Great People
Guests: Matt Weber
Sam Grant
Nate Bartley
Mike Lombardo
audiences in Rochester, NY and Ardmore, PA
Episode chronology
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"Tore Tower Two-er"
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"How to Pass the Time"



Hey beardlovers. Currently staying at a friend's house in Brooklyn. When you're on tour, you end up staying in a lot of places. And sometimes two dudes end up staying the same bed. And as you can imagine, tensions can run very high.
[Title onscreeen: Somewhere in New York] [Craig and Matt lie on a bed together, each on their side and as far away from each other as possible, Craig against the wall and Matt on the side of the bed. A dotted white line appears down the center of the bed.]
[Dissolve] [Title onscreen: 1 hour later] [Craig's hand is on the other side of the dotted line.] [Matt wakes suddenly and notices Craig's hand:] Could you kindly remove your hand from my side of the bed?
[Craig:] Oh! Apologies, kind sir. [Removes his hand. Lays his head back down.]
[Matt:] Apology accepted.
[Dissolve] [Title onscreen: 1 hour later] [Matt's leg is on the other side of the dotted white line. Craig wakes suddenly and notices it.]
[Craig:] Matt. It appears you have mistakenly misplaced your leg onto my half of the bed.
[Matt:] Apologies. Any malfeasance on the part of my lower extremities was completely unintentional. [Matt puts his leg back on his side of the bed.]
[Craig:] Apology accepted.
[Sam, who's standing at the end of the bed, filming them with his arms in the air holding the camera:] Guys, how much longer do I have to hold this?
[Wheezy Waiter beard intro]
Tonight we'll be in Manhattan playing a rock and roll music show at the Local 269 with our friend Mike Lombardo. Who's Mike Lombardo?
[Matt, wearing Mike's hat, talking in a funny accent:] Oh hello, I'm-a Mike-a Lombardo.
[Sam, wearing Mike's hat, also talking in a funny voice:] Hey! I'm-a Mike-a Lombardo.
[Craig, who sounds like he's doing a Godfather impression, wearing Mike's hat:] Hey, I'm-a Mike-a Lombardo.
[Sam, wearing Mike's hat:] I like to play the piano.
[Matt, wearing Mike's hat:] I play on the internet.
[Craig, wearing Mike's hat:] Kiss my hand. Kiss my hand.
[Nate, wearing Mike's hat but talking in his own voice:] I'm an Italian boy.
[Mike:] Guys... Guys... I'm Mike Lombardo.
We just played an awesome show in Rochester, New York three days ago. [Crowd in Rochester cheers and waves.]
[Shoots a bathroom where half the floor is taken up by a staircase going downstairs and the right side of the floor is just wide enough for the toilet.]
Apparently, coffee shops in Rochester have precarious bathrooms. [pans to Mike Lombardo who's filming the bathroom too] And Mike Lombardo likes to film bathrooms. [Mike notices Craig's camera and runs down the stairs and out of frame.] Such a creepy weirdo. Weirdo. Creepy.
And I'd show you footage of our show in New York two nights ago but [Black screen that says 'Censored' on it] sorry, it's 21 plus. I'm gonna have to see some ID.
But we played in Ardmore, Pennsylvania last night. [shot of crowd waving and cheering]
So on my iPhone channel, I made a video asking what you wanted to see on tour tore tah lay tooey.
[shows comment by Lily4James:] Nudity! I want to see nudity!
Geez, that seems inappropriate, but okay, fine. you asked for it. [Stands up] I'm gonna be nude right about... now. [A black CENSORED box covers Craig from the chin down]. Ooh. Chilly.
[Matt enters, holding a camera:] Ugh, gross. [Takes a picture]
[Craig and his giant censored box edge out of frame. Matt follows.]
[shows comment by GotBecket:] I would like to see you and your band members make tons of Lord of the Rings references.
I don't know about that. I don't know if the other dudes are really gonna be into doing that. [Nate leans into frame on the right side:] One ring to rule them all.
[Matt pops up behind Craig's right shoulder:] No one tosses a dwarf.
[Sam pops up right behind Craig's left shoulder:] Roads? Where we're going we don't need any roads.
[Craig:] Sam, that's Back to the Future.
[Sam:] You're not thinking fourth-dimensionally.
[shows comment by purplejoj:] RAWK SAWK!
[Craig:] Nah, we're not gonna do that. I'm sick of that. But Nate, since you're since an original drummer, why don't you talk about the origin of something.
[Nate:] Okay.
[Theme song and opening credit plays. Nate looks out the window of the van thoughtfully, lost in deep reflection. The theme song is Nate singing:] Where did it come from? And what does it mean? Origins! [As song ends, title appears onscreen: 'ORIGINS with Nate']
[Nate:] The origin of the word origin is from the Latin word originem, which stems from oriri. [turns to another camera angle. Talks more loudly] Oh reery? {like 'Oh really?'] [turns to another angle, talks in his normal voice:] Which means to rise, become visible, or appear. [looks down at another camera angle. Talks more loudly.] Which is the opposite what I'm gonna do, son. [Disappears] You been originalized!
[As the title ORIGINS appears onscreen, the closing theme song is almost a whisper:} Origins.
[shows comment by Leafonidas:] I'd like to see the band dance on the road.
Dance in the middle of the road? That's dangerous. How about Matt dances on a rooftop?
[Matt pops out behind Craig:] I shall dance!
[On the rooftop, Matt dances. The song that's playing while Matt dances is Matt repeating the word 'dance':] Dance dance dance dance dance dance. Matt. I'll do the dancing around here. [song and dance over. Matt thrusts his fist in the air. As he brings his fist down, there's a sock on it.]
[Craig:] Ha ha ha ha ha! [looks at camera] Rawk Sawk! [Makes a rock gesture and the title RAWK SAWK! spins onscreen.]
[Matt:] Not good. Not good. Not good at all.
[Craig, back inside:] I didn't wanna tell you about Rawk Sawk before. Matt would have been in on it.
[shows comment by headbangingonfolk:] I wanna see Sam.
What? No one wants to see Sam.
[Sam enters in the background: [unintelligble?]
[Craig:] Oh, hey, Sam.
[Sam:] How come Matt gets the dancing thing, Nate gets the origin thing, and I get nothing? What can I do?
[Craig:] Nothing.
[Sam:] Okay!
[Theme song plays:] It's time for nuthin 'n stuff, where we do nuthin 'n stuff. [The title on the screen repeatedly during the theme song is: Nuthin 'n Stuff] [The theme song continues:] It's not Hilary Duff. It's nuthin 'n stuff. With Sam. Today's episode... [Title: Today's Episode: "_______________"] [During the theme song and opening titles, Sam stares at the camera. After the song and titles, he stares at the camera for a few moments and blinks a few times.]
[Wheezy Waiter video game outro]
[Shot of DPC playing on stage. Camera pans to winker who winks (ding) and then back to DPC.]
As I said before, we're playing tonight in Manhattan at the Local 269. And then tovor... tovorrow... tomorrow we're playing in Pittsburgh at The Ballroom. November 15th. And then November 17th in Atlanta, Georgia at the Wonder Root. And there's a possibility we'll have a gathering November 18th in Louiseville, Kentucky. Watch out for that, Louisevillans. Louisevillians.

Recurring elements

Driftless Pony Club (DPC), tour video, beardlovers, comments, Back to the Future, Origins with Nate, Rawk Sawk!, wink

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