St. Pauly Boys

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"St. Pauly Boys"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 185
Original Upload date August 23, 2009
Running time 0:03:32
Outro website/youtube outro
Wink submitted by viviannguyen
Great People
Guests: Kyle
Matt Weber
Sam Grant
Nate Bartley
Nate Perbix
Episode chronology
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"Self 101"
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"I'm Sorry"



Hey beardlovers. Here's the original creators of the Wheezy Waiter intro.
[Title on screen: Kyle and Kristen from Middlepicker] [Kyle and Kristen sing:] Wheezy Waiter [They laugh] Wheezy Waiter [Kristen laughs again]
[Kristen:] Okay.
My band traveled to St. Paul to play a couple of rock shows. We're staying in an artists loft. [As Craig turns, we can see the band behind him. Sam is swinging a golf club and Nate is playing with Matt's hair.]
What are you... what are you guys doing?
[Matt:] Art.
[Craig:] Sam's swinging a golf club...
[Sam:] Big tournament coming up. Saturday.
[Craig, to camera:] Oh. Well, here's a document of our trip.
[Nate picks up a gigantic pair of scissors:] Hold still. [Craig and Matt are shocked.]
[In the car. Title on screen: Testing out the voice activation in the Ford Fiesta]
You guys want some Arby's?
[Voices from guys:] Yeah. Yeah.
Okay, just a second. [beep] Arby's. Command Arby's.
[Ford Fiesta:] Climate.
[Ford Fiesta:] Fan speed please.
Oh, this car... this car's broke.
[Ford Fiesta:] Fan maximum.
[shooting a truck ahead of them. Matt:] Ottery Transportation. They're food grade.
[Another voice:] Zoom in.
[Matt:] We don't make the otter slurry that you love to eat but we do deliver it to your street. Ottery Transportation. Campbellsport Wisconsin.
[Sam and Nate sit in the backseat. Craig is driving. The song "Sk8er Boi" by Avril Lavigne is playing.]
[Song:] He's just a boy. And I'm just a girl. Can I make it any more obvious?
[Sam:] Wait, so, so they get together in the end of that song? Is that what that's about?
[Matt:] No. Avril Lavigne inserts herself into the story. She's the narrator but she's also the girl in the end that gets the skater boy.
[Sam:] So the skater boy is with Avril at the end?
[Matt:] Yeah.
[Sam:] So that ballet dancer makes one mistake and then she's just totally screwed?
[Matt:] Yeah.
[Sam:] She doesn't get the skater boy.
[Matt:] Oh yeah.
[Sam:] How...? That *ding*ing sucks, man. So one makes what.... what kind of lesson? One mistake?
[Matt:] It's a cautionary tale.
[Sam:] One mistake and then you're just skating into the future without the ballet dancer. Well, that's an easy ride, isn't it?
[Matt:] Yeah. Real easy.
[Nate:] How many miles per the country mile do we get in this vehicle?
[Craig:] Country mile? What do you mean? Like, well in the city, we get less in the city.
[Nate:] Yeah.
[Craig:] But if you're driving on the highway, I'm...
[Sam:] Shut up! [looking out window] Should've gone with that ballet dancer. Skater boy. Not a man yet. Only a man can make a man a man. He's a boy.
[Craig:] What? What are you saying?
[Sam:] What are YOU saying?
[shooting a yellow truck with the Mountain Dew logo on the side.]
[Craig:] Get it! Get footage! Are you filming it? Are you getting footage of the Mountain Dew car?
[Matt:] Yeah.
[Sam:] Yeah!
[Craig:] Get footage of it!
[Sam:] Do it!
[Craig:] Get footage of the Mountain Dew car!
[shooting skyline]
[Craig:] Wow.... Minneapolis.
[Matt:] St. Paul.
[Craig:] St. Paul.
Here's some video and some poorly recorded audio of our live performance. [In the background, Nate enters with the huge scissors.]
[Nate:] Do you know where I can get a mop? And a... a bandage?
[a couple of seconds of live footage]
Could I have some winks please?
[Two side by side winkers. Wink (ding). Wink (ding)]
[ outro]
[title on screen: Nate Perbix from Seymore Saves the World]
[Nate Perbix:] This is how you should do vocal warmups. Seymore Saves the World. Ready? [sings a note that goes very high and then comes back down]
[Craig:] Go higher.
[Nate Perbix does a note that goes even higher and higher still.]
[Voice:] Wow.
[Nate Perbix:] Want me to go higher?
[Craig:] If you want... if you want to... I didn't ask you to but go ahead.
[Nate Perbix does a note that goes very high.]
[Matt:] I don't know if that was higher...
[Craig:] Yeah. It was louder.
[Nate Perbix:] Oh, well I'll go for higher. [does another note] It's all I got. I'm maxed there.
[Craig:] Well, you need to work on your...
[Nate Perbix:] I need to warm up.
[Craig:] Yeah, warm up a little more.
[Nate Perbix:] I'll be over here. [turns to go]

Recurring elements

beardlovers, Driftless Pony Club (DPC), Ford Fiesta Movement, *ding*, wink


This is the first video in a very long time that doesn't feature the beard intro graphic. Craig obviously didn't include it because there was a live performance of the intro theme.

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