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WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 6
Original Upload date June 11, 2007
Running time 0:03:52
Wink submitted by WheezyWaiter
Episode chronology
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"I have it"
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"Rock Show!"



[Craig walks into room, unaware of camera, takes a sip of something, sees the camera and spits out his drink in surprise.]
Jesus, you scared me!
Oh, this won't do. Get Susan from Wardrobe!
[Now in a coat and tie]
That's better. Oh wait, no, I'm not wearing pants. Susan?
Hammer pants?
These are too sexy.
I think these are my dad's.
You guys notice that lump?
I can't feel my legs.
These'll do.
That was quite a scare. [spit take from before] You guys scare me. I think it's your beauty. Beautiful people scare me because I don't know how to act around them. Other things scare me too. Airplanes (pansy), monsters (wussy), loneliness (weakling), ouija boards (mm... nancy boy), girls (ooo), boys (eeee), water (ooo), smiles (aaa), Biff Tannen, mostly from the future, counting, [very long pause, looks around] caramel, and that's all. Besides hamsters.
You know, a good thing to do when you get scared. Get drunk!
[Craig drinking wine] Hey... how's it going?
Oooooh, scary.
Hey, you know what else is scary? Have you seen the movie "Slap!" That shit's scary. Here's a clip.
[Craig lying in bed snoring. Murmurs in his sleep.] Can I get you another Diet Coke, sir? [The door begins to open. Craig continues to talk in his sleep.] Can I clear your plate? [A man with a wig and a hat continues to open the door while Craig continues talking in his sleep.] Hi Sir, welcome to [music]. How can I help you? [The man walks into the room. The man speaks.] Slap. [He raises his hand in the air. Craig murmurs in his sleep.] Yes sir, right away. [The man slaps Craig who wakes in a startle.] Waaah waaah waaah. Slap!
Ooooh, scary. Now here's the same clip with director commentary.
[Same scene replays with the following voiceover:]
I thought that this scene for intensity purposes needed a darkness to it. And a graininess. And a greenness. We needed to make sure that this character was waiterly and sleepy and you know ... how do you say ... in your country ... you know... catat ... I ... oh I don't know. As far as the breathing, we were inspired by the Darth Vader and uhhh ... other breathers of your country. Oh I remember the days when we were shooting this scene. His mullet flowed like the waves of Normandy. For the slap we had to make sure that it was strong and firm and the reaction was ... the reaction was fucking crazy.
That was the voice of director Lars Munich Jones. He's acclaimed.
A couple things. I think I finally figured out how to light my room so it doesn't look like total bullshit. Secondly, I'd like to thank Ashleigh for helping me film my se... Secondly, I'd like to thank Ashleigh for helping me film "I Have It," the movie I filmed on Saturday.
This concludes my movie about scary stuff.
[Wink (ding)]

Recurring elements

Back to the Future, "get drunk!", music replaces the restaurant's name, wink


This is the first video in which Craig talks about Back to the Future. It's also the first time he says "get drunk!". He also wears a sportscoat for the first time in this video.

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