Silent Senate

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"Silent Senate"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 80
Original Upload date November 3, 2008
Running time 0:02:45
Intro chips and salsa intro
Outro outro
Wink submitted by WheezyWaiter
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"Chicago Obama Rally"



[the whole movie is in black and white, no sound, with old-time piano music playing over images and titles]
[wheezywaiter dot com chips and salsa intro]
[Wheezy looking dumbfounded as pictures of Obama, Hillary Clinton, McCain, and Sarah Palin float up to his ears and disappear (presumably inside his head). Wheezy sticks his finger in his ear, scratching it. He begins to speak.]
[Title: All this Political talk is making me CRAZY!!!!]
[Wheezy makes angry-looking faces. He talks again.]
[Title: I'll bet it makes you nuts too!]
[Wheezy talks]
[Title: So I made my politics "silent".]
[Wheezy dances in his apartment. Then talks to the camera again.]
[Title: I support Barack Obama]
[An Obama logo flies in and replaces the logo at the bottom of the title.]
[Wheezy talks to the camera and then looks to his right.]
[Title: His words inspire. See?...]
[Footage of Obama giving a speech, also in black and white, also silent]
[Wheezy can't hear him. Looks confused.]
[Title: Oh no! I took his words away!]
[Wheezy talks to the camera]
[Title: Is he more than just words?]
[Wheezy talks some more and begins to move out of frame]
[Title: well, let's take a look at his US Senate record.]
[Wheezy goes to his computer, which has Google search open on it.]
[Title: We can look it up on the Library of Congress Website.]
[Types in sexytimes.c and realizes his mistake. Shakes his head.]
[Title: Oops! Force of habit.]
[Types in Website loads. Selects Obama from the drop-down list of senators and clicks the GO button. Scrolls through all the bills sponsored by Obama. Wheezy begins counting on his fingers, wipes his brow, talks.]
[Title: Phew! So many sponsored and co-sponsored bills!]
[Wheezy keeps scrolling through the bills and counting, this time on his toes. Zooms in where it says 423. Wheezy talks.]
[Title: That's a LOT of Bills!]
[Wheezy talks to camera and makes the finger sign for two]
[Title: Two of the most notable passed bills are:]
[highlights 298. Nuclear Weapons Threat Reduction Act of 2007]
[Title: That helps prevent former Soviets from gettin' all weapon crazy.]
[Title: &]
[highlights Strengthening Transparency and Accountability in Federal Spending Act]
[Title: This bill created this website (sfw):]
[Shows website]
[Title: Here the government has to report all spending above $25,000]
[Wheezy talks to camera]
[Title: So while Obama is as great at speaking...]
[Footage of Obama giving a speech]
[Title: as I am at making an ass of myself...]
[Wheezy dances in his apartment]
[Title: here was just a few pieces of evidence...]
[Scrolls through Obama's sponsored bills]
[Title: that he's more than just talk.]
[Picture of Obama]
[Wheezy points at the camera and winks]
[Obama/Biden logo]
[Title: please vote on tuesday!]
[Title: wheezywaiter dot com]

Recurring elements



This movie is made in the same style (same music, same title style) as Silent Waiter.

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