Relaxy Time

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"Relaxy Time"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 651
Original Upload date June 5, 2012
Running time 0:02:39
Intro Wheezy beard intro
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"Sit Down"
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Transcript (in progress)

It's an intro
within an intro
within an intro
upside down within an intro
within a shrimp po' boy sandwich. Mmm. Too much intro.
When I'm done with my sammiches, I like to finish it off with chips and salsa
within a bowl of salsa. Mm. Oh yeah. Definitely gonna need to take a bath after this.
Listen up, beardlovers. It's time to be real honest with you. Let's switch to Truth Cam.
So. What I wanted to talk to you guys about... Oops. This is Tooth Cam.
Where were you on the night of January... Oh, this is Sleuth Cam.
So anyways... Oh, that's Uncouth Cam.
Youth Cam.
Altho known ath the Eurathian elk, it ith the largeth extant spethies of the deer family. Oh. This is Moose Cam for people with lisps.
That's Duluth Cam.
Michael Bluth Cam.
Directions Cam? Where's Truth Cam? Over there? Okay.
No, that's just my naughty bits. Lies Cam, you got me. Where is it for real? Over there? Okay.
Truth Cam, there you are. Alright, listen up. I'm about to knock you up with some truth. That didn't sound right at all. Anyway, things have been really complicated lately, what with the meteor plummeting to Earth and having to stop that, and all the traveling that I've been doing. It just makes things so complicated. So I'm not gonna do anything complicated today. I just want to relax. Take it easy. So no multiple angles, long takes, or split screens.
- No split screens? But I love split screens!
- Shut up. I'm not gonna listen to you, clone.
Or stop motion animation. You know what I'm talking about.
Like if I went over here and changed focus and then stood up and made it look like I was moving around the room without moving my legs. To the sound of fun music.
And then I sat back down, changed focus, and then I grabbed a note card. Draw a picture of a balloon. Held it up. And then it started floating through the clouds. And then an airplane came by and popped it. I'm not gonna do that. That would take so much time. You know how much work that would be?
First I'd have to draw out all the pictures.
Then I'd have to put it in the scanner.
Then I'd have to go into Photoshop and cut out all the images.
Then I have to animate the images over the video.
And then I'd have to add in all the sound effects. Then I'd finally be done. But I am not gonna do that stuff 'cause today is about relaxing. Enjoying life. Definitely not doing it. Definitely not doing it.
Slowly realizing that I actually did it. And now I'm angry. Gah!
Just kidding, beardlovers. I love doing this stuff. I feel very fortunate to be able to do it.
But there are other people in the world who are struggling to simply have a home, which is why I'm raising money for Habitat for Humanity, link in the doobly-doo. If you'd like to donate, please do.
Now sometimes at the end of my videos I will have funny outtakes but I don't think there are any good ones for this video so I'm just gonna fake it.
Hey beardlovers. Oh no! I've fallen and hit my head. Or something. Ouch. It hurts a lot.

Recurring elements

singing rug, alternate POV videos, clone

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