Pita Gabriel

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"Pita Gabriel"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 178
Original Upload date July 22, 2009
Running time 0:02:07
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Outro website/youtube outro
Wink submitted by Jill Hanner (xgobobeanx)
Samantha (xSamanthaNicole)
Miss Sarcastic (anythingsarcastic)
Jonny Paula
Great People
Guests: Ty
Jill Hanner (xgobobeanx)
Samantha (xSamanthaNicole)
Miss Sarcastic (anythingsarcastic)
Jonny Paula
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"Pitchfork Music Festival (Ford Fiesta Mission 3)"
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"Brian Pretzel Orchestra"



[Wheezy Waiter beard intro]
Hey beardlovers. Haven't had breakfast in a while. I think it's time to enjoy some Pita Gabriel. [holds up a piece of pita bread]
[sings/plays guitar:]
In your eyes
the light, the heat [Craig takes a bite of pita. Chews for a minute, looks disgusted]
Your eyes
are incomplete
[stops playing guitar and singing]
Okay, pita by itself is not good breakfast. [holds up the piece of pita and a box of All-Bran] Perhaps if I add bran flakes and syrup. [drops bran flakes into pita. pours syrup in there too.] Mmm. Syrupy bran pockets!
[song starts again as Craig takes a bite.]
In your eyes
the light the heat [Craig chews with a funny smile on his face]
[song stops]
Looks like someone needs to take a trip to the grocery store.
So a couple weeks ago I drove out to New York to the 789 Gathering and I haven't really talked about it yet. Here's an idea of what it was like. [Craig shoots big groups of people] Peopley.
I apologize. I really didn't get a lot of footage. I was too busy doing drugs with famous people. They were YouTube famous so we were doing OTC. Over the counter. Let's just say I didn't get a headache the whole week. You know what I'm saying?
Seriously, it was really fun meeting everyone there and I apologize that it wasn't as fun to meet me. Kind of a jerk.
I also documented the trip home with my friend Ty. [Ty and Craig in the car dancing to music.]
[Craig:] YEAAAAAAAHHHHHh!!!!!!!!!!
[Ty:] AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
That pretty much summarizes the 12 hours.
Kids, say no to OTC.
Okay, now I"m going to talk to the past. Jill Hanner, Miss Sarcastic and Samantha, could I have a wink please?
[Craig:] Alright... 1.. 2... 3... [They wink (ding)]
Also, Jonny Paula, aka jpizzle1122, aka the guy who blows up stuff in a microwave, could I have a wink please?
[Craig:] Yeah it's going. [Jonny winks (ding) and nods smiling.]
[wheezywaiter.com youtube.com/wheezywaiter outro]
[In the car, Ty touches the iPod, like he's about to select a song, cycles through the list, which makes a clicking sound. Craig trying to sleep in the passenger seat:] Ah, the click song! My favorite. I love the click song. Ah, click click click click click click. Ah, click click click click.
[Ty:] Yeah! Yeah, it's got a good groove.

Recurring elements

beardlovers, breakfast puns, song, wink

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