One Take Waiter

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"One Take Waiter"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 114
Original Upload date February 7, 2009
Running time 0:01:54
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Outro website/youtube outro
Wink submitted by DrakeSizzle
Episode chronology
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"Free Bangle Friday"
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"Pizza Control"



[Wheezy Waiter beard intro w/a new song]
[slides in/singing rug]
Thanks for the intro music, Justin. Justin sent me two versions. Here's the other one. [plays the other one] I like it except that it maxes out. Umm, what do you guys think of the new intro?
So today's video is being done all in one take. No cuts.
Ummm... there's this guy named DrakeSizzle. He does all his movies in one take, and I told him I'd do mine in one take if he sent me a wink. So yeah. No cuts. [slides out of frame] [slides back in] I just had to grab my coffee.
Umm, so I'm doing this beard competition with Toddly00, and part of the rules are we have to do the... we have to check up on the weekends as well. So here's my beard. [Leans towards camera, rubs his stubble] What do you think? Lookin pretty good, I think. Oh is there... there's something on the lens. Wait... just a second. [Covers the lens with his palm.] [When he takes his palm down, he's suddenly not wearing a jacket anymore.] Oh, there's a smudge or something on there. I must have spit on it, I guess. [looks down at his shoulder] My coat's gone! That's weird. How does it... it must have fallen off. How does a coat fall off?
[bends down and out of frame] Oh here it is, right here on the floor. [gets up wearing coat again] Got it back.
Boy, this, uh, this long take stuff, it was... it's hard. I had get up at like 5 in the morning to rehearse this.
Whew. Umm... so.... uhhh... just gotta go over here. [leaves the frame again] [comes back] A bug! There was a bug. On the wall.
Umm... I'll be checking in tomorrow too. Uhh... okay, Drake, time to wink.
[wink (guitar string). wink (guitar string), wink (guitar string)]
[voiceover over outro:] Yeah I'll think they'll buy that. It's pretty... it's pretty seamless.
[ outro]

Recurring elements

singing rug, beard-growing competition, wink


Even though Craig says he's doing the video in one take, he makes little effort to hide the sloppy cuts he makes when he leaves the frame or covers the lens with his hand.
This is the first (and only) video with Justin's song playing over the intro. It was not received well by the viewers, and Craig returned to the Kyle and Kristen song in the next video. Justin's song became the outro song.

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In 2011, Craig made a video called One Take Waiter (for real).

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