Naked Argument

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"Naked Argument"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 638
Original Upload date April 18, 2012
Running time 0:03:35
Intro Wheezy beard intro
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Transcript (in progress)

Hey beardlovers. So I wanted to start out today's video with a song. 'Cause, you know, music ... music's fun, right? Just gotta find my notes here. Oooo. Oo-ooo. Ooooo. Oo...
That was the exploding chord. I wasn't supposed to play that.
So guess what? It's EXPLOSION Wednesday, which is this new thing that I'm trying out to see if I want to make permanent or not. Hooray! Maybe.
So in explosion news, man strips naked in Oregon airport in TSA protest.
So why is this explosion news?
Well, where is this man?
In the airport.
What else is in an airport?
What do they run on?
Jet engines.
And what do they run on?
Good. Now why do we need airplanes?
So people can travel to and fro on Earth.
And why are people on Earth?
Well, that's debatable, but Earth can sustain life because of the sun.
Earth is a baby daddy?
No. S-u-n, not s-o-n. Earth is not a baby daddy as far as I know.
And what's the sun powered by?
Fusion. Fusion.
And what's fusion?
A process of two or more atomic nuclei combining to create a heavier nuclei.
Which does what?
Releases tons of energy. Essentially an EXPLOSION.
And where did the sun come from?
I don't know. The Big BANG?
Yeah, see? So many explosions are associated with this story. Barely. I can't believe I even had to explain it.
Okay, so the story. A dude didn't like how he was being harassed by the TSA screeners at the airport so he got nekkid.
At first I thought, pfff, augh, crazy old nudey mcnude hippie that I can't stop looking at for some reason.
But then I thought, Getting naked... That's a really effective argument that I'm going to utilize for the rest of the day. And so I did. And it worked out great.
- Hey, Culinary Clone, whatcha cooking up today?
- I'm making-a spaghetti with the thick-a noodle and the mushroom sauce.
- No mushrooms. I don't like mushrooms. Get 'em out of there.
- You dare question my.... ? Okay. No mushrooms. Still need thick noodle, though.
- Hey clone. Good job washing that washing machine. Low five.
- Up top.
- So what's the prognosis, Doc?
- Well, I'm gonna need you to disrobe to take a closer look.
- No way.
- Listen. I know it can be uncomfortable so... Oh. Great.
Okay, sometimes it didn't work out great. Anyway, in other news that thankfully isn't explosion news, Pilot sends plane into nosedive after mistaking Venus for oncoming plane.
So apparently a pilot who just woke up from a nap was a little out of sorts and thought that Venus was an oncoming plane.
He took evasive action, sending the plane into an extreme nosedive. Or, as I sometimes refer to them...
Some people were hurt but thankfully the pilot regained control, and it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.
Geez. That pilot made a pretty dumb mistake. But thank you for making me feel good about me because now I can say I'm smarter than an airplane pilot. And believe me, I'll let people know... Oh my god! There's another apartment heading for this apartment!
Take evasive action! Ha ha ha! They'll never get me! Ha ha ha ha! Aaaaaaahahahaha! Come on! Hahaha! Oh wait.
It's the sun. Oh duh. That's right. Apartments don't fly. At that altitude. City ordinance. Doi.
Don't tell anyone about this, okay? I'm really embarrassed. I'm not convinced that you're not going to tell anyone.
Don't tell anyone. Good. Now I don't have to be embarrassed.
Or as I sometimes refer to them...

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