My New-ish Episode of Truth or Fail

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"My New-ish Episode of Truth or Fail"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 340
Original Upload date June 27, 2010
Running time 0:01:49
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Hey beardlovers. I'm uploading a video on Sunday.
What?!! Why?!!
Because my Truth or Fail episode was uploaded.
The internet game show created by Hank Green, one of the vlogbrothers?
That's the one. I filmed it months ago with my old camera, and I just wanted to let you know that before I show it to you, so you're not confused.
I'm still confused.
Here it is. Enjoy!
Stop telling me what to do.
[Filmed with Craig's old camera]
Hello! I'm Craig. Also known as wheezywaiter. And welcome to Truth or Fail, the gameshow in which I give you two facts [holds up two fingers], and you must decide which one is true [holds up forefinger] That means... true. Or you fail. And no one likes a failer. Or failure. Fail. And no one likes a failure.
Saturday Night Live, like it or not, has been an American television staple for the past 35 years. It's given us many characters such as Wayne and Garth, Pat, coneheads, the cheerleaders, Tracy Morgan... he's not real, right?
We've also witnessed a lot of controversy. Like the Sinead O'Connor Pope picture tearing incident. Or the Ashlee Simpson lip-syncing ordeal. And who could forget the infamous topless episode? Which isn't real. I made that up in my dreams.
Let's begin.
[turns to alternate camera angle]
Pretaped, from YouTube, it's Saturday niiiight!!! [Audience applause] Yay-aaaah! [Applause ends abruptly.] Or whatever date and time you happen to be watching this. Here are the facts. [turns back to main camera angle]
Fact One. There have been three occasions when SNL was on a five-second delay as a precaution due to certain potty mouth characters. [Clickable annotation appears onscreen: SNL has used a 5 second delay 3 times.]
Or Fact Two. Jenny Slate became the first performer to use the f-word accidentally while broadcasting live. [Clickable annotation appears onscreen: Jenny Slate dropped the first SNL f-bomb.]
Which one are you gonna do? That one? [points to fact one] Or that one? [points to the second fact] That one or that one?
Don't ask me. I don't *ding*ing know. [gasps and puts his hand over his mouth. His face turns red. Really really red.] I'm embarrassed.
[After a few seconds, he exhales deeply] I'm okay now. That *shirt* was intense. Oh! [His face turns red again. Really really red.]

Recurring elements

beardlovers, Truth or Fail, alternate camera angle, *ding*, turning red from embarrassment, *shirt*


Craig posted this video on his channel but it was made for the Truth or Fail channel. The same video appears on their channel: The entire game is hosted by Craig, who asks five questions, but he only posted this first one on his own channel.

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