Meteor Meteor Meteor

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"Meteor Meteor Meteor"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 641
Original Upload date April 25, 2012
Running time 0:03:04
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Wink submitted by arsenalo14
Episode chronology
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"What is a Beardlover?"
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Transcript (in progress)

Hey beardlovers. As of yesterday there's a lot of new beardlovers, thanks to this guy directing them here.
I just wanted to welcome you to what we here at Wheezy Studios refer to as Wheezy Studios.
Glad to have you.
Yeah, that happens on Wednesdays. I probably shouldn't have warned you about that. It's okay. Now you know that I'm kind of a jerk.
So, yes, every Wednesday here we have a thing called EXPLOSION Wednesday or at least I'm testing it out. We'll decide if I make it permanent or not. Stick around. I'm sure I'll decide soon. Hehehe.
On this day we talk about super cool things in the news such as... Surgical light saber developed in Austin, Texas.
Medical scientists have developed a laser scalpel capable of working on a cell-by-cell basis.
Oh. Cell by cell? That's really tiny. But that means they might make their way up to a full-blown saber.
That's awesome! There might actually be a light saber in the world. Other than my own. And then I'll have someone to battle with instead of nobody, which ends up being a bit... Haha!
Well, actually, awesome, but also lonely.
I'm God! Hehe.
Playing with a light saber is the best time to get emotional because it just evaporates your tears.
- Hey man. You okay?
- Do I look like I'm crying?
Now I know what you're thinking.
Wheezy Waitoe, simpwy wecweate anothoe wight saboe with which to spaw with a cowweague.
I can't just make another light saber. That one cost me eight years. And an arm and a leg.
It's an expression. It cost a lot of money.
Oh, phew.
In hospital bills to try to reattach these.
And they succeeded.
Oh, phew.
I have asthma.
I awweady knew that.
Anyway, now all I can do is wait until someone other than Corey Vidal makes a light saber so I can battle with them. In the meantime, I have to rely on video games. In other news, Minivan-sized asteroid EXPLODED over California.
Whew. Thank goodness it wasn't an asteroid-sized minivan. Am I right? Because we wouldn't have any idea how big it is because asteroids vary in size. It would be ambiguous. Or amsmalluous.
But what's the deal? An asteroid just came out of nowhere and exploded over California?
Did anyone even know? Could this happen at any time without scientists warning us?
Thankfully it's a rare occurrence, and something like that wouldn't happen... Oh my god, there's one!
This is, like, the eighth time a meteor has been plummeting towards me. It's like meteors are attracted to me.
- Actually, you're more right than you know. Since all matter has gravity, you and the meteor are minutely attracted to each other. Hehe.
- Okay.
- Do we go now?
- You can go now.
- That was more awkward than I thought it would be.
Oh yeah, as many of you know, I have a meteor-repelling laser.
It's right over here. Aaa! Rug. Where's my meteor-repelling laser? Dun dun dun! To be continued.
Unless you're a meteor-repelling rug. I probably should have asked if you were a talking rug first. Save time. Could you see my butt crack when I bent over?
Hey, just so you know, this video game as well as an Xbox 360 Kinect is being given away by Brisk at this website linked in the doobly-doo. Now, if you'll excuse me... Aaaugh! Dun dun dun. To be continued. Still. It's still to be continued.

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