Makin' Whoopi

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"Makin' Whoopi"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 8
Original Upload date June 13, 2007
Running time 0:02:07
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Good afternoon complete strangers. It's June 13th.
Wednesday the 13th. Bwahahaha [evil laughter].
It was a busy day at work today. I made just enough money to buy some sliced ham and some toilet bowl cleaner.
[singing] Cleaning up my poop, cleaning up my poop. Hey! Alley-oop! I'm cleaning up my poop.
In yesterday's comments, Ol' Fussfeathers said he'd like to see a cooking segment.
Operation Ham Sandwich
The ingredients of a ham sandwich: tomato, ham, bread (don't eat it yet!), cheese, and awesome mustard. We slice the tomato. Then we sever the cheese. Then you gently place the cheese and the tomato and the ham on the bread. Slather the mustard onto the sandwich. Make sure not to put too much or you may need to buy more toilet bowl cleaner. And remember to enjoy. Next week: chips and salsa!
The chef you just heard was director Lars von Munich's brother, Sting. He's renowned.
The next comment is from rus-trickonlyspitshot... She says, I'd like to see how many Craig clones you can fit into one screen.
What are you talking about? Craig clones? I use only non-professional actors. There is no computer trickery here.
Danzig!! [said by five Craig clones]
[sigh] Gluebrass wants to see some more rocking out. So do I.
[Jumpin Jack Flash plays while Craig dances around and rocks out.]
Who would want to write a song about a Whoopi Goldberg movie? I would!
[Craig dances as this song plays]
[song:] Sister Act. Sister Act. Why it gotta be like that? Your sister can move. Your sister act rude. That's the way my sister act too.
Okay. It's getting late. Uhhh... I will see you tomorrow.

Recurring elements

complete strangers, comments, chips and salsa, no computer trickery, clone, "danzig!", song


This is the introduction of the elements comments, chips and salsa, and no computer trickery.

Related videos

Craig's reference to director Lars von Munich is a reference to his video Slap!.

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