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3 Ways To Make Mondays Awesome
Why Boredom is Good For You
The Importance of Routines
How to be a Morning Person
Why Is North North & South South?
Does Breaking Stuff Relieve Stress?
How To Get A Song Out Of Your Head
Don't Get Comfortable
What If You Won The Lottery?
How to Have Fun
How To Be Less Self Conscious
OMG You Have To Watch This Video
Probably The Best Video About Learning How To Draw
The Age Of Craig-arious
Apocalypse Why?
It's Opposite Day! !yaD etisoppO s'tI
Touring Chicago in 8 Degree Weather
Adele "Hello" Clone Parody
4 Reasons Beards Are Healthy
How To Travel


going minimal.
It's Time For A Change Up
Less Internet Equals More Creativity
Overcoming Perfectionism
How To Write A Song
Trimming The Beard
Is My Wife A Robot?


How To Pack Light
What I Did At Discovery
Returned To My Wife
How She Improved Her Bowling Game
Improving My Life
The Value of Getting Rid of Stuff
Getting Over Internet Addiction
Weight For It
Yes, I've Been Copying Someone
I Drink Too Much
5 Myths About TV
I Get To Be A Super Hero!
How The West Was Dumb
What It's Like On Set
We Tried Something New
Found Her At a Coffee Shop
It Came!
Reasons I Drink Too Much
Am I Overdoing It?
How To Be Fancy
Are We Coming To Your City?
Husband Against Wife
My Dad Took My Camera
Look What I Found
Are We Moving To The Suburbs?
How To Survive a 6 Hour Drive


Taught Her How To Edit Video
And The City We're Moving to Is...
What's On These Old Tapes?
My Hometown Is Smaller Than Yours
Wedding Time
My Wife Took My Camera
Attempting To Skateboard
Our House Almost Blew Up
Everything Went Wrong This Morning
Excuse Me? There's A New Star Wars Trailer?
She Finally Ran With Me
What If You Don't Want To Do Anything?
Why Does VHS Look Like Pornography
This Old Footage Makes Me Cringe
Car Accident Caught On Video
Face Swapping With My Doppelgänger
My Wife Looks Good With A Stroller
I'm Out Of Coffee
I Died Many Times Today
The Cops Don't Care That I Have A Sword
How To Tell A Story
Don't Fall Over!
Making Poor Decisions On My Bike
My 7 Favorite Movies
We Got Kicked Out Of The Pool
How To Eat For Free
Freaked Out On A Theme Park Ride
The 7 Stupidest Things I've Ever Done
Finally Got Rid of It


The Hateful Day
What Is Clickbait?
I'm A Keytar God
A Tale Of Two Nipples
A Talk Show Monologue Attempt
What Should My Tattoo Be
A Yoda Impression I Do, Yes
Danced With Her At A Rock Show
Chyna Does A Wheezy Waiter Video
My Wife Left
My 7 Favorite Wheezy Waiter Videos
An Apple By The Lake: The Craig Benzine Story
Return Of A Runner's Wife: A Story Of Running, Wife, & Returning
The Easiest Way to Peel A Hard Boiled Egg
About That Not Drinking Thing
3 Ways To Live Past 100
I'm Done!
Hank Green Took My Camera
Shhh It's Someone's Birthday
This Venue is Crazy
My Wife Is A Witch?
LIVE Rock Show in 360 - Tour Because Awesome SF
Top 10 Craziest Trick Shots That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity!
Kicked Out of My Own Show
I Tried A Thing. It Kinda Worked. I Don't Regret it.


A Rock Show In A Church?
Bit Of A Scare On The Road
Chyna Did A Crazy Thing
My Vsauce Impression
I Tried To Skate
The Return Of Mitzy
The Race To Find An Apartment
I Got A Pedicure
Why Do I Keep Making Things?


I Met Hillary Clinton
I'm a Libeardtarian
Why Do People Like Pokemon Go?
How To Be Funny
What Can We All Agree On?
Thyme Is On My Side
Nintend-OH NO! • Explosion Wednesday?
What Is The Most Popular Instagram Photo of All Time?
5 Myths About Video Games
8 Reasons Smiling Is Good For You
Trailer For My New Web Series - AlgoRhythm
Do We Need 47 Types Of Toothpaste?
My 4 Super Useful Inventions • Explosion Wednesday
The Most Original Video On YouTube


Episode 1 - Breaking Up
The Big Move
Why I'm Not Doing The Daily Vlog Anymore
This Will Make Some Of You Unsubscribe
Slanted & Disenchanted Part 1


I'll Be There For You (Friends Theme Cover)
Slanted & Disenchanted Part 2: The Illclusion
How To Expert
Run Away From Your Problems
Someone Built A Giant Pipeline For Beer?
Why Do We Call It A "Debate"?
Hillary Cloneton
Luke Cage, Princess Charlotte, & Bad Tattoos


Trump's Taxes, Lindsay Lohan's Missing Finger, & UFOs?
My Wife Wrote Part Of This Video. Also, It's My BIRTHDAY!
Let's Hijack The Debate With Positivity
I Like To Argue
3 Types of Arguments You Can't Win (or Lose)
How To Make Your YOUTUBE Views EXPLODE!
8 DIY Life Hacks To Simplify Your Life
American Tries Chicken Eggs
What Keeps Me Motivated To Make Videos? (WheezyWHAT!? 1)
Honest Travel Vlog
How To Be An AMAZING Houseguest
Wheezy Ways 11
Why Do I Make Videos? (for real this time) - WHYiVLOG
Craig After Dentist