List of 2014 videos

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January 2: I ♥ Phone Calls
January 7: 25 Ways To Go Down Stairs - Wheezy Ways 1
January 9: Miley Cyrus - "Adore You" PARODY
January 10: 900th Video Identity Crisis
January 13: How to Avoid Plumber Crack
January 14: Wheezy Waiter is Stupid!
January 15: 5 Myths About Marijuana
January 16: The Apple Challenge
January 17: Does Quiet Clone Have a Girlfriend?
January 18: The Good Stuff Lives!
January 23: YOU Wrote This Video
January 25: LIVE NOW!
January 27: 39 Ways to Wash Dishes
January 28: Most Immersive Video on YouTube
January 29: 4 Myths About Food
January 30: I Ate Bugs


February 3: Why Soccer Isn't Popular in the USA
February 4: Coffee Delivery Drone
February 6: Slow Down!
February 7: Am I Done With Myself?
February 10: How to be Happy
February 12: 4 Myths About Charles Darwin
February 17: 28 Ways To Cheer For The Team
February 21: Goodbye Apartment
February 24: CLONE HARD
February 28: Our New Apartment


March 3: Does Great Art Require Suffering?
March 4: The Full History of Chicago, Unabridged
March 5: Explosion Wednesday Forever
March 6: How to Build a Snowman
March 7: The Pizza Song
March 10: The Apartment's Done!
March 12: Today in Explosion News
March 14: It's Pi Day! - Rebecca Black Parody
March 17: Facts About St. Patrick's Day
March 19: Blast From the Past
March 26: An Outsider's Opinion of YouTube


April 4: MysteryGuitarMan Applies for a Cloning Machine
April 7: Top 10 Reasons I Should Replace Letterman
April 8: Why Do People Shake Hands?
April 9: 3 Cases of Meteors Hitting People
April 10: Who's The Most SUCCESSFUL Musician Of All Time?
April 11: 20 Ways to Sleep
April 14: Tickle Tickle Tickle Tickle Tickle Tickle Tickle Tickle Tickle
April 15: How to be Married
April 16: 11 Useful New Google Devices
April 17: Top 10 Things Babies Don't Know
April 18: How To Hard Boil An Egg
April 21: Easter Hangover Cure
April 22: EARTH: The Video
April 23: 5 Myths About Water
April 24: Time To Shave The Beard?
April 25: Cushions & Answers 1 - NEW COUCH!
April 28: 23 Better Ways to Floss
April 29: Legend of the Purple Goo
April 30: Wedding Ring in Space & Other Explosions


May 1: Last Words Before I Die
May 2: Cushions and Answers 2 - Up Close and Personal
May 5: My Most Embarrassing Story
May 6: Everything Changes
May 7: 5 Myths About Alcohol
May 8: How to Walk
May 9: Where's Craig with a Wig? (Cushions & Answers 3)
May 12: Nurse Clone
May 13: 19 Ways to Start a Conversation
May 15: What's That Smell?
May 16: What's My Favorite Wheezy Video? (Cushions & Answers 4)
May 19: The Most Evil Video on Youtube
May 20: Why YouTube Views Are Declining
May 22: Top 10 Things
May 26: The Gazebo Song
May 28: Nothing is Pointless
May 31: News From My Mouth Hole


June 5: Bad Parkour
June 9: Taking a Break
June 11: Craig Can't Sleep
June 13: Happy Friday the 13th
June 16: Your Favorite Video
June 18: News About Tour
June 20: A Sexy Summer Solstice
June 23: Where We've Been


July 16: I'm Back Home!
July 18: Let's Fight!
July 21: Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life Worse
July 29: OH MY DOG!


August 5: Understanding Beards
August 12: A Robin Williams Ramble
August 14: Really AMAZING Vidcon Performance Ruined by JACKSFILMS
August 20: Really Sexy Ice Bucket Challenge
August 22: YouTube's Crummiest Video Ever!
August 27: My Slow Descent Into Madness


September 15: ? - (1000th Video!)
September 24: Weirdo Proposes to Inanimate Objects
September 26: 5 Myths About Dogs


October 3: I'm Making a Short Film!
October 6: It's My Birthday! (Yesterday)
October 12: FINE TUNED - Trailer
October 15: 6 Tips for Falling Asleep
October 16: FINE TUNED - Full Short Film
October 22: The Most BEAUTIFUL Video on YouTube
October 27: LIFE HACKS for a Jedi
October 29: NASA Rocket EXPLODES!
October 31: The Ultimate Ghost Story


November 3: How to Improve Your Life
November 7: Bad Parkour 2: Par More
November 13: Why I Don't Talk Politics
November 17: The Secret to Creativity
November 28: The Shaving


December 1: 18 Different Things and Nothing
December 8: All About That Paste
December 10: Weather BOMB!
December 13: Doctors Without Borders
December 17: Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma
December 19: Hackers Ruined My Life!
December 22: The Wheezy Rider
December 31: Top 5 RIDICULOUS Ways I Lost My KEYS in 2014 that you WON'T BELIEVE! It's AMAZING! WOW! *Fart* JEEZ!