Last Word Freak

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"Last Word Freak"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 337
Original Upload date June 23, 2010
Running time 0:02:53
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Outro sunglasses outro
Wink submitted by Megaphone77
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"Sarcasm 101"



[slides in/singing rug]
[Wheezy Waiter beard intro]
Athena1129 writes [shows comment] I can't wait for Explosion Wednesday!
I know. Me too, Athena! It's gonna be so good. So good. Wait a second. [looks at a calendar upside down.] It IS Explosion Wednesday. That explosion at the beginning of the video probably should have tipped me off. I'm such a colossal idiot jerk stupid. Imbecilic idiotic densely moronic intellectually-challenged caveman simpleton sexy dumb-dumb man.
Did I say sexy? Yes I did. And I meant it. Check out that sexy nose flare.
[Extreme closeup as Craig flares his nostrils. Arrow points to his nostrils.] Nose flare.
[Extreme closeup of Craig's lips:] Double yep.
I love you.
[Extreme closeup of Craig's lips:] I love you too.
Last word freak.
[Extreme closeup of Craig's lips:] Last word.
Anyhoo, it's WEDNESDAY WEDNESDAY [runs to kitchen. As camera films street below from window, Craig runs down it with explosions trailing him.] EXPLOSION WEDNESDAY! [leaps from the window area towards camera as there's another explosion behind him]
You know, I'm not really sure if I'm gonna make this a thing or not. We'll see. Time will tell.
So in explosive news, [shows article] Cosmic hit-and-run gives galaxy starry tail. So NASA observed that 54 million years ago two galaxies SMASHED [pounds his fists together which starts to create a black hole] into each other... I won't do that again. Two galaxies lightly mingled with each other. And created a tail. [shows picture]
Here's an example with images. An imxample. Examiges? Im... Stop... stop looking at me.
One Ford Galaxy. [Picture of a Ford Galaxy] Two Ford Galaxies. [Now another] [The pictures merge. There's an explosion.] BOOM! Galaxy with a tail. [The picture of the Ford Galaxy now has a tail.]
I'm, like, totally like a scientist.
[Extreme closeup of Craig's lips:] Totally.
Agh, why does lips closeup always get the last word?
[Extreme closeup of Craig's lips:] Last word.
[Craig looks frustrated. Lips closeup smiles.]
Apparently a lot of people are joining Twitter [shows article] but Twitter has a problem keeping 'em there. Psh. Just add explosions. Here goes. [Turns to computer. Explosion noises as he shows his Twitter page. "BAM! KABOOOOM! FIRESTORM! KERPOW! (please tweet explosion noises)"]
Now let's check the responses.
You're welcome.
When in doubt, add explosions. Twitter just needed more explosions. Twitxplosion? Explitter? Stop looking at me.
According to a poll on CNN, [shows article] 21 percent of the US believes the recession is over.
That's an economic optimism EXPLOSION!! And that's really just about optimism. It's not about facts. It's very subjective. I would take it with a tiny fourth of a grain of salt. And I wouldn't even make it iodized salt.
So that's good! Or bad. Or news.
[Extreme closeup of Craig's lips:] News.
Another poll I saw on CNN... [shows poll] Should peanuts be banned from commercial airplanes because of allergy concerns?
Now I'm actually very badly allergic to tree nuts. Not peanuts, but I can feel their pain. So I'm gonna vote yes and assume most people would vote yes. [Shows results of poll] 77 percent no? Grrr! EXPLOSION! [Now it says 77 percent yes] That's better.
[Extreme closeup of Craig's lips:] Last word.
[Craig holding a burger, dressed as a cowboy, sits on a pterodactyl with a rifle in its mouth. He winks (ding)]
[Wheezy Waiter sunglasses outro]
21 percent of the US believes the recession is over. That's an economic optimis... Optimism...
You know, I'm not really sure if I'm gonna make this a thing or not. We'll see. Time will tell. [sighs] Then there's gonna be one commenter who's like, Good! I hate Explosion Wednesday! [makes a snarky noise while sticking out his tongue] There's, like, 50 others that love Expo... Explosion Wednesday. [sighs] You guys are so confusing. Why can't I please everybody? How about I just say it's Explosion Wednesday Not Explosion Wednesday. There. Every... everyone's covered.
77 percent... 77 perce... 77 percent no??! Grr! EXPLOSION! [smiles] That's better.

Recurring elements

singing rug, Explosion Wednesday, comments, headlines, black hole from pounding fists, Twitter, wink, outtakes

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The way Craig is depicted by the viewer who submitted the wink is a reference to his video Millionaire Dogs.


The explosive tweets shown in this video came from suchducks, JBogenschutz, penguin1124, all0nsyalonzo, Ferre_, falling_melody, SMW24, KDizzB, EnterTheMelee, Gwynjamin, chazzzaaa, nielsm90, SeedyROM, awritingwriter, ChikoFobio

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