Krang Time

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"Krang Time"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 23
Original Upload date July 3, 2007
Running time 0:01:06
Wink submitted by WheezyWaiter
Featured Clones
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"Ian-dence Day"



Good evening beardlovers... Good evening beardlovers. It's July 3rd, second day of One Hour of Production Power Week.
Here, check it out. [Points camera at computer clock.] See there? 7:38. This movie will be posted by 8:38.
There are many things I can do in an hour.
I can watch baseball for an hour before I want to turn it off.
Eh ... maybe ten minutes.
I can play Miss Pacman for an hour on one quarter.
That's right. I'm that good.
And sex with me lasts an hour. On an off day.
That's right. I'm that good.
You know what else I can do in an hour? Edit this.
[song begins with a clone beatboxing, providing a rhythm, while Craig sings:]
Things that take an hour, waiting tables for 15 dollars, things that take an hour, getting up to watch Matt Lauer, things that take an hour, two episodes of Turtle Power, things that take an hour, exercising your benevolent power, things that take an hour, hopefully not eating clam chowder.
Yeah, you wouldn't want to eat clam chowder for an hour cause you'd feel sick and your poop would look weird.
[wink (ding)]

Recurring elements

One hour of production power week, beardlovers, clone, song, wink

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