Is Hollywood Losing?

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"Is Hollywood Losing?"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 687
Original Upload date September 10, 2012
Running time 0:03:42
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Transcript (in progress)

So sometimes I want to talk about fun sciencey stuff on this channel but I can't because you'd think I was repeating myself because this guy Michael from VSauce has said every science fact there is and he gets million of views. And I look frickin' exactly like him.
Hence the dilemma.
Wheezy Waiter
Today I was browsing the news as I'm wont to do, which is great because I've always wanted to be wont.
Someday maybe I won't want to be wont but today I want it.
Want it. Wan tit? Sounds like I'm referring to a fatigued booby, but I would never. Inappropriate.
Here are some things that caught my eye while I was browsing the news.
An eyelash.
The eagle's talon briefly before I punched it.
And my eye socket. Then I realized my eye is supposed to be caught by that. Like, all the time.
And here are some articles I found.
A shirt. An undershirt. Pants. Okay, okay... enough. I read some news, and here's what I found.
Smartphones make us superhuman.
Huh? There must have been an update. Finally! That's awesome! I better test it out.
- Hey clone, pick up my smartphone over there.
- Huh?
- Just pick it up!
- Okay.
Can't take a bullet? Hardly superhuman. What's going on.
Oh, How smartphones make us superhuman.
It's more complicated. I gotta remember to read the first word of headlines and not jump to conclusions.
Based on this one experience I had, jumping to conclusions is always really stupid.
So let's see. How does it make us superhuman?
Video events on second's notice. Duh. Fighting corruption, buying stuff, bolstering memory, promoting politics, improving education... Yeah yeah yeah. Whatever. Get to the good stuff. Superman could fly. Phones, it seems, help us do everything.
Really? Now we're talking.
- Hey Gunshot Clone, hover over the alligator pit. You're holding my phone. You can fly. Just do it! Do it!
- I'm flying! Now I'm being eaten by an alligator!
That doesn't make sense.
Superman can fly. Phones help us do everything but.
Oh, everything but. Everything butt? What would that be? Never mind.
I gotta remember to read the last word of sentences. First word of headlines, last word of sentences. Language has so many rules.
So it turns out the article's just saying smartphones are awesome because of all the smartphoney stuff. Emphasis on phony. See what I did there? Let me know in the comments if you saw what I did there. Also your favorite color. Shoe size? The longest you've ever been on a boat. What have you eaten today? How... are you?
So what else did I find in the news today?
Box office report: 'The Possession' leads worst weekend in over a decade.
So Hollywood isn't doing that well right now. Hang on, let me get on my soapbox.
What movies are out right now? The Possession. Lawless. Expendables 2. Bourne Legacy. They all look pretty expensive to me.
Maybe Hollywood should stop trying to recreate the blockbusters and school's over and focus more on story over effects.
And that would be less expensive, allowing writers and directors to make movies more often and take more risks, leading to utlimately more compelling content.
I mean, not that I really think about this very much or anything.
Or maybe that content is just going to move to online. There's lots of web series now. For instance, MyMusic.
And of course Platoon of Power Squadron but I'll be talking about that later this week. Anyway, MyMusic, whose theme song is from my band Driftless Pony Club and they play our music in the show all the time, and thank you guys, and it's bascially a weekly never-ending sitcom, and I will put a link at the end for you to subscribe to them. But maybe that's where things are going. Kids are staying home, watching the good stuff for free rather than going out and shelling fifteen bucks to watch the latest expensive masterpiece of crap.
And watching stuff from YouTube can be more authentic. I can do whatever I want. I don't have a Hollywood producer type telling me I can't do this.
And this is all I want to do.
Ooh. Hey. Sometimes forwards and backwards too.
Wheezy Waiter
So the only annotated link today below is MyMusic. You should go check it out. It's a weekly sitcom so you should probably subscribe. They have a live show every week. Music news. And they play Driftless Pony Club all the time, which is awesome. Jacksfilms is in it. DailyGrace is in it. And maybe someday I'll be in it. Guys? Can I be in it? Guys? Please? Please, guys? Please?
Actually, I think I have their number. I'll call them up. My phone's in the alligator pit. Oh no. What do I... Oh, that's right. You can play Angry Birds on Facebook. I'm fine.

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