Invade London Dungeon

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"Invade London Dungeon"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 672
Original Upload date July 30, 2012
Running time 0:04:32
Intro Wheezy beard intro
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"Training - Invade London"
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"The Whale is Not Enough - Invade London"


Transcript (in progress)

This intro's inspired by all the double-decker buses I've been seeing in London.
- This is a stupid intro.
- Just be glad it's not an upper decker intro.
- What's that?
- I'm not gonna say.
Wheezy Waiter
So here I still am in glorious London... apartment. Check out the view.
Wow. That's something. You know, I find Londoners to be very happy. And I can see why. They have a beautiful city.
What was that? What? What?
So I assume there's a lot of fun things to do here but I wouldn't know. I haven't left the apartment yet.
I'm just kidding. Come on, guys!
Come on, guys!
In fact, yesterday I just visited a friend of mine who lives here. You wouldn't know him. His name's Charlie. McDonnell.
- Here you go, Craig.
- Oh, thank you. I love it when the coffee's done.
So good.
- Oh, it's tea, actually.
- Hmm?
- It's tea.
- You're in the closet.
- I'm noticing.
I eventually found my way out of there after three hours. Not including a two-hour nap.
Tea doesn't have a lot of....
Now, about my whale search through the United Kingdom, I have some brand new leads on whales that we should probably deal with. I don't want to skip tons of these or blow my halt whistle.
I'm quite stoked to wrangle up some clues before things settle.
After we're done today, I may march over to take a bath in a black pool of salisbury steak.
And I may have a York peppermint patty brought in for dessert.
Actually, I might bathe in a liver pool with some worcestershire sauce.
Hopefully the tub where I lay doesn't leak. It might attract something creepy crawly. Or a whole fleet.
And then I'd have to hide or have some fish guard the perimeter to avoid a battle. Or maybe start barking to tame the beast. So we can bury the hatchet. Ipswich. I just wanted to say Ipswich.
So today we're gonna search the London Dungeons.
London Dungeon London Dungeon.
Alright! Going into the London Dungeon!
Wow. I didn't find the whale in there but what I did find in there was way too disturbing to describe here. I'm not gonna tell you about how there were rats and bloody upside-down bodies and a British Bob Marley.
Nor will I say that I got to juggle eyeballs. And they had a nice place for a nap.
This guy seemed to have napped too long, however.
And no one seemed to know where the whale was.
- Excuse me. I'm looking for a whale. Have you seen a whale?
- No.
You'd be too upset to learn that they put my Team Super Jackal Hawk Tiger Explosion member Bobby on trial.
- What's he done?
- Well, unnatural crimes with animals. Something to do with a horse.
- A horse?
- A horse.
- Bobby!
And then they put Chyna on trial.
- What has Chyna been up to?
- Well, dancing on Hampstead Heath.
- Well, there's nothing wrong with dancing, clerk. We've been through this.
- Maybe not, your Lordship, but she was dancing naked.
- Naked?
- Yes.
- Is that a common occurrence in Kentucky?
- Unfortunately.
- We must head over to the colonies and examine this behavior closeup.
- Aye.
- Sounds like a party.
- Quite a girl there, bra.
- How about a practical demonstration of the naked dancing? That'll do it.
- Would all those in favor of naked dancing, say aye.
- Aye!
- No.
- No, you can shoot me.
I learned a lot about Chyna today and I'm not telling you about it.
And it's far too disturbing to mention that YouTuber Sean Klitzner was vlogging whilst burning at the stake. So he's dead now.
In retrospect, maybe the dungeon wasn't the best place to look for the whale. But I'm not gonna tell you about it at all because this is a fun YouTube channel, not a scary YouTube channel. Nope. Nope. I'm not going to tell you. Wait. Did I just tell you every single thing? Hmm.
Realizing. Nope. Never gonna realize.
Wheezy Waiter
Duh, guys. That cityscape before was just a picture on a wall. That's the real one. Duh. I totally had you. Duh.
A lot of you are asking for a gathering in London. Well, this Saturday and Sunday there are gatherings I'm going to be at. Info in the doobly-doo.
What was that?
What? What was that?
Why do I feel like I'm not realizing a lot of stuff these days?
Super Jackal Hawk Tiger Explosion. Team Wheezy Waiter. Super Jackal Hawk Tiger Explosion. Team Wheezy Waiter.

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