I'm Still Here

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"I'm Still Here"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 643
Original Upload date May 4, 2012
Running time 0:04:16
Intro Wheezy beard intro
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Transcript (in progress)

Oh hey, beardlovers. How's it going? I'm doing pretty good. I got a lotta stuff going on lately. Trying out watercoloring now. And my mom recommended a new sunscreen. I'm trying that out. If you can't trust your mother, who can you trust, right? Otherwise I guess I'm kind of bored. Not a whole lot else going on except... Oh that's right! There's a meteor headed straight for Earth and there's a smaller one headed straight for my face! Aaaaagh! I'm burning. Mom. I'll never trust again. Hmm. That meteor trimmed my beard.
So beardlovers, yes, there was an explosion before the intro. But it's not Explosion Wednesday. It's not even Wednesday. And it's not even a thing.
But these days, what with the meteor plummeting to and probably causing the ultimate destruction of Earth, everything seems explosive.
Even water seems explosive.
Yep. Those clones are still in the rocket on the way to stop the meteor. Somehow.
So why didn't I join them? Well, listen. I can explain.
Totally able to explain.
An explanation is, like, well within my capacity for doing things.
There's just so much more to do here on Earth before it definitely goes up in flames. Unless they stop it, of course.
And if they do succeed, they're probably gonna die.
That's really sad. To think that I could have been on there with them.
And if I weren't here, who'd feed the alligator?
- I would.
- Thank you, Corporate Clone. Who would make the videos?
- Again, me.
- Okay. If I weren't here, who would you be talking to then?
- I guess no one.
- Making you a crazy person. You're welcome for your sanity. Plus I have a lot of unfinished business before the end times.
For one thing, I've been knitting a sweater. I gotta finish that. I've been making some progress.
- You don't knit a sweater with thread.
- See? I haven't even been doing it long enough to learn that. This is going to take a lot of time. Plus I gotta finish cutting my fingernails.
You gotta do these things in stages. Test out some nails first. What if you're doing it wrong?
Woke up in the middle of a nap the other day. Gotta finish that.
Still not done.
And I've been meaning to grow my hair out into a ponytail in the back so... Oh. Actually, I think it's ready. Here we go.
There. What do you think?
Gotta finish that mural.
That girl's dress is supposed to be white, not off-white. Doing it again.
Pick up the green marker.
Ugh, that marker looks really heavy and I got other markers, and I gotta go to the bathroom, and I got arthritis or something.
Make amends with the eagle.
Hey, eagle! Come on down here. Come on!
Hey, eagle. Listen, I know we've had our differences in the past, but with the end times coming, I just ... I'd like to be friends before we die. You know? We good? Oh thank you so much.
We made amends. That's a new fight now.
Gotta finish that burp I made earlier. Good. Whew. Whew.
Oh, I gotta set that world record. Alright, here goes. World record for most push-ups ever.
On this rug. Up to or equaling one.
Oh, I still gotta find that meteor-repelling laser. Nope, there's no time. I gotta knit that sweater.
I've always wanted to write the great American novel. I have to do something about that. Oh. Don't want to anymore. Done.
Man, I gotta figure out whatever happened to Blind Clone.
And my trampoline.
That was infested with ants.
Hmm. Wonder where that stuff went.
And I should probably decide if Explosion Wednesday should be a thing or not. Nah, too early for that.
Another thing I had to finish was my video for the Myish channel. Top 7 Song Misinterpretations of All Time. Linked right here. And in the doobly-doo. So you should go there and check that out.
- Wheezy Waiter, we have to go!
- Clone in Love, what are you doing here?
- We have to save Earth.
- You should be home at a time like this. With your loved one, what'shername.
- Her name is... but we have to stop this or she won't exist anymore.
- I'm sorry, Clone in Love. Rocket's gone. You missed it. More like Slow'ne in Love.
- I'm not here for the rocket.
- Haha. I know that love can sometimes make you feel like you can fly. But it's not literal. Love is blind. And stupid.
- No. On my way here, I discovered there's something weird going on down here on Earth.
- Really?
- We need to stop it.
- Oh my god! Yeah, you do!
- WE do. I need your help.
- What is it?
- Well, on my way over here, I saw something very strange. What I saw was dun dun dun! To be continued.
- That's a weird thing to say. Remember to click here to go the 7 Misinterpreted Songs of All Time.
- That was pretty weird too.

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