How to Handle Internet Fame

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"How to Handle Internet Fame"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 686
Original Upload date September 7, 2012
Running time 0:03:44
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"Is Hollywood Losing?"


Transcript (in progress)

Hey beardlovers.
I started making this video right after I woke up because that's when I'm my most real. And I wanted this video to be real. Super real.
- I sat down to go number two but it turns out I only had to go number one.
Not that real.
Wheezy Waiter
The coffee's already all done and I loved it, and you missed it. Deal with it. Or don't deal with it. I'm pro-choice.
So let's get real. I'm talking pajama pants real and pull your hamstring real. Ow!
Full disclosure. I didn't pull my hamstring.
And I put these pajama pants on specifically for this video. Normally I'd be walking around in my underwear. And socks. And tears of loneliness and sorrow.
No I wouldn't be. You see, normally it would be funny for me to say that I cry all the time. You know, 'My life is terrible blah blah blah.' Now for that to be funny, I actually just have to show me crying.
And even then it's not that funny.
Why? Because you know it's not true. I live with my wonderful girlfriend. I have a successful YouTube channel.
I have my clones do all my chores, and I don't even pay them because I send them to the alligator pit and they're always right there behind me at the perfect moments for comic timing.
- I seem to have fallen down. Ouch!
My life couldn't possibly get any better. Well, I suppose I could have a second mouth so that I could eat this cereal while talking to you at the same time.
But then would I need a second throat so that it doesn't block my vocal cords?
I guess I'll just have to settle for this.
Anyway, it was funny before when there was a hint of truth to my depression.
I don't know why that's funny. Humans are sick. You seen the movie Melancholia? Hilarious!
Or maybe I'm just sick.
But when there's no truth to my depression I don't like to lie. Which is probably why my videos lately have devolved from deriving humor from general life experience to absurdist shenanigans.
Ain't that right, Shenanigans Clone?
- Kidney librarian!
I used to like to make fun of celebrities. But now I've met a lot of successful people and it turns out they're normal and nice people. It sucks!
- Hey there, Mr. Successy Pants. You're real good at sfuff. Pfff.
- Hey, thanks, man. Good luck to you.
- Shut up. I can't believe I talked to Mr. Successy Pants.
Anyway, I woke up thinking about all these things and about how my videos really aren't about anything lately. Sure, some of them are good for a laugh, and I'll continue to try my breast... breast? ... Ooh, Freudian slip! I was thinking about boobies. Oooh!
I'll continue to try to bring laughs to you.
I was supposed to do a joke after this but I think the boobies joke will work just fine.
So I guess my problem is I'm struggling to find that healthy cynicism of the world that I used to have.
Then I found this article. How to handle internet fame.
In it Andrea Bartz and Brenna Ehrlich ... Erlichhh... interviewed some people that found fame on the internet. The advice they came up with? Have a tough skin. Don't forget your fans. And don't sell out. That's all great advice.
But the thing that interested me most was that in the article they mentioned it's easier and easier to become famous. The idea of fame is changing.
Because of the internet there are more and more famous people. There are more and more levels of fame to be found.
But there's also a lot more pictures of adorable kitties but I wouldn't just be talking about that as a lame excuse to put up some kitties so that you go 'Awwww.'
It's weird because someone could be extremely famous in some circles and I've never heard of them.
Back a thousand years ago you could count the famous people on one hand. You got Shakespeare, Jesus, and Ernest Borgnine. Maybe Cleopatra but her early stuff was better.
Nowadays the guy bagging your groceries has, like, five hundred thousand subscribers to his manga claws... cosplay blog. And I don't even know what manga cosplay is. The point is it sucks because it's becoming less special to be famous.
Sucking away the mystique of celebrity. Causing us to not overvalue entertainers and making it easier for anyone to succeed.
Wait, that's great. Dang it!
Wheezy Waiter
- I seem to have fallen down. Ouch!
- Did you really fall?
- Well, yeah, I really fell but it was on purpose.
- No, but I mean, did it hurt?
- No.
See? Wonderful girlfriend. Yes, and that was me playing a clone but I do have clones. That was just a reenactment.
Also it may have looked like I peed my pants in that shot. That was from the water from the crying. Duh. And the urine.

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