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"Home India Home"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 624
Original Upload date March 5, 2012
Running time 0:03:58
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Wink submitted by WheezyWaiter
Great People
Guests: Chyna Pate
Meghan (strawburry17)
people in India
Episode chronology
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"Wheezy Responds"
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"American Beauty"



[Wheezy Waiter beard intro]
[standing in his apartment] Alright. Off to India.
[walking down steps] India. [walking down street] India. [in car] India. [kisses Chyna] India.
[walking on sidewalk] India. [on train platform, with train arriving behind him] India. [on train] India. [on escalator] India. India. India. India. India. [flushes toilet] [Text onscreen: Bathroom in Chicago Airport]
[text onscreen: Chicago Airport] [takes bite of a sandwich] India. [text onscreen: Airplane] India. [London Airport] India. [Airplane] India. [Mumbai Airport] India. [Hotel in Mumbai, India] India. Wow. That was quick. Only took about 20 hours.
[lying in bed] India. [closes his eyes and snores]
[brushing teeth] India. [spraying himself with something] India. India. [in car] India.
[Airplane to Nagpur] [Craig:] Where are we?
[Meghan:] India.
[Craig:] India.
[Nagpur, India] India. There's a cow behind me. [racks focus on the cow]
[standing by train tracks as train passes.] India.
[A cow is eating grass. The cow looks to his right. The camera slowly pans to reveal Craig standing not far from the cow.] Hi. He looks like he's about to attack me.
India. [Music plays behind him.]
India. India. [standing in front of a group of kids] India.
[One of the kids speaks:] India!
[Craig:] India.
[Kid:] India.
[Another kid:] India
[Another kid:] India
[Many kids start saying it:] Indiaaaaaa
[Kids wave and reach towards camera, a few doing peace signs.]
[Craig shaking a woman's hand:] India.
[Woman:] India.
[Man standing next to woman:] Welcome to India.
[Person in background:] India
[Craig shakes the man's hand:] Thank you. Thank you.
[Craig follows a goat down the road. it moves away from him.] I don't think he likes me.
[Craig sitting with a group of women. They all say together:] India.
[Craig standing above some traffic.] India.
Chicago. [looks around] Oh right. India.
[Craig stands in front of a well where some woman and kids are.] India.
[Craig and a bunch of kids:] India!
[Craig in front of a statue/shrine:] India. Nice beard.
[Craig dips naan into a sauce and eats it.] India.
[Craig sips chai tea.]
[Jose:] Is your chai done?
[Craig:] Yes.
[Jose:] I love it when you have the chai done.
[standing in front of some women. Craig and they say it all together:] India.
[Sitting in front of a bunch of women. He and the women all say:] India.
[Craig in front of a lake where some people are doing washing.] India.
India rooftop jumpkick! [Does a jumpkick]
[Craig standing in front of some people:] And now it's time to go... [the people say:] home.
[Nagpur Airport] Home. [Airplane] Home. [Back to Mumbai] [he's on the tarmac] Home. [Hotel] Home. [In shower] Home.
[Airplane to London] Home.
[London airport] Home.
[Airplane to Chicago] [Craig is pouring himself a drink.] What was I... What was I talking about? Oh yeah. Home. [sleeps]
[Stands on shuttle, sleeping. Goes up escalator, sleeping. Walks down hallway, sleeping. Snores. Walks through terminal, snoring. Goes down an escalator, sleeping. On train platform, sleeping and snoring. Chyna comes up and kisses him. He wakes up.] Home!
[Chyna and Craig on the train] Home.
[In a car. Chyna's driving.] Home.
[Walking down sidewalk with Chyna.] Home.
[Walking on sidewalk.] Home.
[Walking up the stairs] Home.
[Spins in his living room] Home. [sighs]
Home. [flops backwards onto the bed]
Thank you, India, for changing the way I see the world. And thanks water dot org for making it happen. [Text onscreen: More to come about water.org on Water Day, March 22, 2012]
[closes his eyes and snores. The camera drops to the bed.] Oh! I shouldn't fall asleep holding a camera. Put it right there. [The camera's facing the wall.] On my belly.
[ding sound and text onscreen *wink* with an arrow pointing to the left]
[Wheezy Waiter outro]
[Craig sips the chai tea.]
[Jose:] Is the chai done?
[Craig:] Yes.
[Jose:] I love it when you have... have the chai... [Craig laughs and someone behind camera laughs.]
[Jose:] Is your chai done?
[Craig:] Yes.
[Jose:] I love it when your chai done. [Craig starts laughing.]
[Jose:] Is your chai done?
[Craig:] Yes.
[Jose:] I love it when your chai's done.
[Craig:] Thanks. [Craig sips chai and laughs.]
[Jose:] Is your chai done?
[Craig:] Yes.
[Jose:] I love it when you have the chai done.
[Guy behind camera laughs and Craig laughs.]
[Craig:] That's really good.

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