Highway Hypnosis

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"Highway Hypnosis"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 662
Original Upload date July 7, 2012
Running time 0:05:04
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Wink submitted by Gazebo gathering in Salt Lake City
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"Where We Been"
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"Wheezycon 2 (Vidcon 2012)"


Transcript (in progress)

Ahh, it feels good to finally pretend to arrive home even though I got home yesterday.
- Yoe duwation between upwoads ovoesteps towewance Wheezy Waitoe.
How do you manage to always speak words with Rs and Ls in them?
- Iwwewevant.
I know. It's been a while. I wanted to make more videos in the van but every time I tried, this would happen.
Once in a while, I'd have a moment of great insight. And then...
I think my sleepiness was enhanced by the fact that I was constantly holding up the camera.
Incidentally I now have an astounding bicep. And a bicep within a bicep.
Other bicep needs work.
But for some reason whenever we're on tour the van just seems to suck the life out of me, leaving behind a catatonic wasteland. Flickers of thought dissipating into the ether of dreams. The ceaseless hum of infinity.
But now I'm back home.
I looked it up, and there's this thing called highway hypnosis, which can cause this mental state. They actually just talk about drivers, but I'm pretty sure it applies to riders too.
Some theorists theorize, which is good because it's their job to have theories, that you can experience hypnotic dissociation I'm smart I'm smart.
One stream of consciousness focuses on driving while the other stream of consciousness focuses on Scarlett Johansson. Or eating chips and salsa. Or whether or not you should own a monkey. Or when the last time was you wrestled the brown cornbelly snake. Really, anything but driving. Including butt driving, which I wouldn't recommend. You can't see the road.
Apparently the military is trained to avoid highway hypnosis. They're also trained to avoid getting shot.
So, according to my inaccurate logic, highway hypnosis is just like avoiding a bullet. And it's impossible to avoid a bullet.
I can only catch it using my tremendous bicep.
Anyway, just because I couldn't upload videos on the road I did get tons of footage. Flashback.
So after we left Albuquerque, we had a gathering in Phoenix.
Which happened to be on a Wednesday.
I'm not sure it's a thing.
Then we got into a mountainous area and Matt gave a geological lesson.
- Mountains are nature's boobs.
So I definitely had to censor these. But luckily these were fully clothed.
And then we arrived at Vidcon, where we saw the arena we were going to play in. I was flabbergasted. As well as discombobulated. As well as befuddled. As well as nonplussed. As well as metagrobolized. As well as thrown in a tizzy. As well as fatigued from looking at a thesaurus.
And while there I made a video with ApprenticeEh for my mainstage performance like last year, involving lots of familiar faces. That adventure will be uploaded on my channel later.
- We're brothers!
Then I friggin' lost the footage of the Vidcon audience. So here's footage from Sam's phone. It was incredible. And not as highly pixelated as it is here. Except for that guy.
Then I drove over to sunny beautiful ... um... England, apparently, where I drank Pimm's and had a chat with SortedFood in my pajama pants and a bowler hat.
- Ello!
- How's it goin'? Whattup, bro? Whassup, yeah?
- What are you saying? I don't... I have no idea.
We made salsa, and they'll be uploading a video about it later.
Then we went to the headquarters of the MyMusicShow, and we played live on the internet.
That's already on the internet. We'll link it in the doobly-doo.
Had an acoustic show at a park in Santa Monica with these awesome people.
Then at our San Francisco show I saw that creepy face again. And then we played and it was awesome, according to these people.
And at some point Matt danced.
Dance dance dance dance dance dance Matt.
- I'll do the dancing around here.
Then it was raining in Salt Lake City. We didn't think anyone would show up. But then we found a bunch of people gathered inside a...
- Gazebo!
- Gazebo
- Gazebo
- Gazebo
- Sam's late, as usual.
Then we played some songs and Jeff used the world around him as drums. And this guy stood there constantly asking himself who he was. Then I daydreamed about chips and salsa. Then I lived in the moment. And everything was fun until...
While we were in Salt Lake, some people gave me a note to open up only when I got home, so here it is.
Beware Revenge Clone upon your return.
Come on. Revenge Clone's in the custody of the aliens, remember? Nothing's gonna happen. Absolutely nothing.
Wow. I really thought something would happen. This is sort of a non-ending. That's okay. People will think that's artsy. Especially if I make it black and white. And letterboxed. And I say some French stuff. [French gibberish] Fin.
1... 2... 3...
Thank you to all of you who came out to our shows on the road. I loved meeting all of you. Even that creepy guy with the thing. You know who you are. Links in the doobly-doo to the MyMusic performance as well as Driftless Pony Club's new album at DFTBA and iTunes and such. Maybe not such. We were legally told we can't link to such.
Also, while on location we produced another episode of Nuthin 'n Stuff with Sam. Enjoy nothing!
It's time for Nuthin 'n Stuff. Nuthin 'n Stuff. Strap on your pants, it's Nuthin 'n Stuff. Nuthin 'n Stuff. Nuthin 'n Stuff. Yeah! No! Yeah! It's Nuthin 'n Stuff. Today's episode: Wyoming.

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