Handstand 40

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"Handstand 40"
wheezynews video
Handstand no. 40
Upload date October 21, 2010
Running time 0:01:32
Handstand Info
No. of Attempts 2
Did His Wallet Fall Out? No
No. Without the Wall: 0
Great People
Guests: Lamarr (wilsontech1)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Handstand 39"
Next →
"Handstand 41"



Hello. Welcome to the next handstand video. Enough dilly-dallying! Okay, a little bit of dilly-dallying. Ready? Dilly-dally, dilly-dally. Okay, let's do a handstand.
[Does a handstand. And another.]
Alright, your turn.
[Lamarr's voice, offscreen:] No!
[Craig:] Do it!
[Lamarr:] No!
[Craig:] DO IT!
[Lamarr:] Okay, I'll do it.
[Craig:] Okay.
[Lamarr enters the frame and heads to the handstand wall, where he unsuccessfully tries to do a handstand while Craig sits and watches.]
[Lamarr:] Okay. I can do this.
[Craig:] It takes practice.
[Lamarr:] I can do this.
[Craig:] It takes practice.
[Lamarr:] I can do this. Here we go. [Tries again. Falls.]
[Craig:] That was good. [unintelligble, talking at same time as Lamarr]
[Lamarr:] Okay... [unintelligble, talking at same time as Craig] [standing again] If you can do it, I can do it.
[Craig:] Yep.
[Lamarr:] Here we go. [Gets into the bendy leg position for a second.]
[Craig:] Yeah!
[Lamarr falls.]
[Craig:] Yeah.
[Lamarr:] Woo!
[Craig, to camera:] So this is my friend Lamarr. [Lamarr is now sitting behind him.] We tried to break animals out of the zoo today on my main channel. Uh, what should they do? What should my viewers do right now, Lamarr?
[Lamarr:] I think they should, uh, do a Supernote.
[Craig:] You heard the man! That's someone else other than me saying that you should do a Supernote. We're less than a thousand, uh, behind Shay Carl. Less than a thousand. [Lamarr gesticulates excitedly behind Craig. Craig notices it. To Lamarr:] You do something? [To camera:] So click on this link [points to clickable annotation] to go to this video to leave a video response Supernote. Do it! Please! [still pointing]
[Lamarr stands up and waves:] See ya. [Takes a step, cracking sound.] Agh! [falls in the whale tank. whale sounds]
[Craig, looking over his shoulder into the whale tank:] Wow, getting crowded in that whale tank.
[Lamarr:] Hey, is that the dead body of David Hasselhoff down here?

Recurring elements

handstand, Supernote, whale tank, shiny David Hasselhoff

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