Handstand 29

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"Handstand 29"
wheezynews video
Handstand no. 29
Upload date October 1, 2010
Running time 0:01:41
Handstand Info
No. of Attempts 2
Did His Wallet Fall Out? Yes
No. Without the Wall: 0
Episode chronology
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"Handstand 28"
Next →
"Handstand 30"



Hello. Welcome to the next handstand video. Guess what? [smiles] I'm gonna go do a handstand. You had no idea. You had no idea.
[Does a handstand. And another. Wallet falls out.]
Wallet fell out. Another success. Here, want some money? [takes money out of his wallet, extends it to camera but pulls it back] No!
So this channel has become about perseverance. Sticking to things. And speaking of that, that sketch show that I'm a part of, fridaynitebYtes, has a second episode up. [points but there's no annotation] I was going to point to an annotation but it's not on YouTube. It's on fridaynitebYtes dot com [points towards doobly-doo]. There's a link in the doobly-doo. You should go to it. They do have a YouTube channel... [points to clickable annotation] um... which has some sketches on it. But the full episode [points to doobly-doo] is on fridaynitebYtes dot com.
I'm an actor in some of the sketches, but my role for the production of the show is a small part of a large group of people. Watch it. Love it. Tell the writers and the actors that you love them. And the directors and the camera people and the editor, who's someone else this time, and the costume designer and the set designers, graphics, these are all great people. It was a pleasure working for them.
I mentioned perseverance, because each of these episodes take like a month to make, and it's a lot of work. But they need people to watch it if they're gonna make a third episode and a fourth episode and a twelfth episode. [points to doobly-doo] So... link in the doobly-doo to watch the episode. There's a sketch called Periodic Dinner table [points to clickable annotation], which is from the new episode. And you can just watch that if you want. Check it out. [points with both hands] Annotation. Tell them you love them. But don't tell them I told you to tell them you love them. And don't tell them that I told you not to tell that to tell them to tell I... you know what I mean.
[points to annotation for main channel] Also, remember to leave a video response Supernote on my main channel if you'd like to be part of Team Beard.

Recurring elements

handstand, wallet falls out, fridaynitebYtes, doobly-doo, Supernote

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