Gun Lapse

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"Gun Lapse"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 669
Original Upload date July 18, 2012
Running time 0:03:11
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Wink submitted by nater131
Episode chronology
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"Coffee and Pancake w/ Rainn Wilson"
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"Did My Whale Invade London"


Transcript (in progress)

Hey beardlovers. Something totally awesome is about to happen in this intro. I am so excited about it. Wow! Okay, fine. Spoiler. Flash forward.
That's gonna be so awesome! Woo! I can't wait.
Ah, it was overhyped.
Wheezy Waiter
I wonder if that would have been better if I was wearing this instead. Let's find out. EXPLOSION!
That was better. But why did the shirt start on fire so easily? Hmm.
Oh yeah. I was playing WD-40 Toss earlier.
- That one was tossed real good.
Ah, WD-40 Toss. It's a fun game. Looks simple enough but you gotta be real slick.
That just slipped out. Oh, that one squeaked by too. Oh ho, triple pun!
I just put my finger in my nose.
So anyway, today's EXPLOSION Wednesday.
Well, it's a trial run. We're testing it out to see how the public reacts. We'll see if we make it official or not.
In explosion news, Awesome Time Lapse Shows How Rolls-Royce Built Its Jet Engines.
Yep, there's a seriously cool time lapse video of how they make jet engines. And as many of you know, most jet engines are internal combustion engines, which means they're making giant explosion machines.
Anyway, that time lapse reminds me. You know those time lapse videos people do of them taking photos of themselves like once a day for a year or something? And then they put it all together in a video?
Well, I've been working on something like that. Only on a much gianter huge scale.
And it's done and I'm ready to show it. 28 years in the making.
The project is I've been taking one photo per 28 years. Cue sentimental music. Here it is.
Gah, it's so interesting to see gradual changes like that.
Gonna take another one in 28 years. I wonder what I'll look like. Flash forward.
Hey, you wanna know something awesome about being a professional video blogger that not a lot of people know about? I don't have to button my shirt down all the way. It's nice. Get a nice little draft on my belly, which is good because a higher percentage of my body is now my belly because I just sit here and make videos all day.
In other explosion news, All guns blazing! Madonna comes under fire for brandishing AK-47 as she kicks off MDNA tour in Israel calling for world peace.
What? That's ridiculous. Okay, I'm all for world peace but just waving a gun around on stage? Madonna, that's just a publicity stunt. You're just promoting yourself. Shame on you . There shouldn't even be guns involved in anything ever. I don't like guns and you know what? I'm angry! I need to blow off some steam. Okay? Grrrrr!
That's better.
Wheezy Waiter
Just a reminder. You have less than a week before a portion of the Wheezy Wardrobe explodes into non-existence. A lot of it's gonna be gone forever and aside from the new poster everything is 15 percent off. Use code 'Explodesale.'
Oh, hey, remember my pet whale was missing? I wonder if it's back yet.
It's gone! Whale's been kidnapped!
It was supposed to zoom in. Do it again.
Whale's been kidnapped!
Where could it be?
I hear it. Oh that must have been my imagination. I think I left the thought microphone on again.
Oh man, I wish I didn't leave the thought microphone on again. Has there been enough explosions in this video? Probably not. I'll do another one. Explosion! Agh! I shouldn't have done that internally. Headache. Boobies. Ow!

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