Ford Fiesta Future

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"Ford Fiesta Future"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 142
Original Upload date March 22, 2009
Running time 0:02:30
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Outro website/youtube outro
Wink submitted by MZB1993
Great People
Camera work by Craig Benzine
Matt Weber
Guests: Matt Weber plays the man with the death threat
Episode chronology
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"Bad News"



[Wheezy Waiter beard intro]
Hello beardlovers. Today we're going to learn how to speak Mandarin Chinese. [A clone/other version of Craig wearing sunglasses pokes his head in from the kitchen]
[Craig with sunglasses:] What are you doing?
[Craig:] Who the *ding* are you?
[Craig with sunglasses:] I'm you. Two days from now.
[Craig:] Agh, not you again. You gonna shoot me this time?
[Future Craig:] I would but I don't have a gun. Are you gonna apply for that Ford Fiesta Movement?
[Craig:] Oh yeah, I... I was planning on it.
[Future Craig:] Well you didn't do it. And I'm here to make you. Because you were lazy, you set off a series of events that destroyed our way of life for the whole planet. I have to wear these sunglasses because in the future, the sun is so bright that my retinas would burn out if I didn't. It's all because of you.
[Craig:] Really?
[Future Craig:} Nah, I just thought they looked futuristic.
[Craig:] Oh. It actually makes you look like a pilot.
[Future Craig:] That's fine too. You better get used to it because it melded to our face after the nuclear explosion.
[Craig:] Really?
[Future Craig:] No.
[Craig:] Oh.
[Future Craig:] The future really sucks.
[Craig:] Oh yeah? How so?
[Future Craig:] Shut up. [slaps Craig]
[Craig:] Oww!
[Future Craig:] Oww! Gotta remember, I'm not that far in the future. Come with me.
[Craig and Future Craig walk down the sidewalk of an overpass over a freeway]
[Future Craig:] You're perfect for the Fiesta Movement. You got 3,000 subscribers. They actively participate. They send winks, songs, video responses, death threats.
[Craig:] They don't send death threats.
[Future Craig:] Oh, that happens tomorrow. But maybe not if you apply for the Ford Fiesta Movement.
[Craig:] Is that a threat?
[Future Craig:] Moving on. You're adventurous. You once hitchhiked to Wisconsin in the dead of winter in your underwear. [shows clip with title on it A Very Wheezy Christmas Dec. 2007]. You threw butter at a tree. [shows clip with title on it Butterball (Sept. 2007)] You even got in a car chase with yourself. [shows clip with title on it The Trophy Thief (July 2008)]
[Craig:] Yeah, I am pretty great.
[Future Craig:] Don't get cocky. [punches Craig] [They both grab their cheek] Oww! Again! Come here, look at this. [Craig and Future Craig look out over freeway] Don't you want to be a part of this?
[Craig:] What?
[Future Craig:] Driving.
[Craig:] I have a car. [shows Future Craig his car] See?
[Future Craig:] What? That Go-Kart? You're not going to have that for very long.
[Craig:] What do you mean? [The car explodes.]
[Future Craig:] Yep, that starts happening to cars built before 1992.
[Craig:] Why?
[Future Craig:] Scientists are still trying to figure that out.
[Craig:] Do I smell lighter fluid?
[Future Craig:] No.
{Craig:] Pretty sure I smell lighter fluid.
[Future Craig:] No, that's not lighter fluid. [Walks away.]
[Craig sits down in front of computer. Future Craig pops his head in from kitchen again.]
[Future Craig:] So, did I convince you?
[Craig:] Well, I don't have a car now, so...
[Future Craig:] Excellent. Hey, I gotta run. I got a thing. See ya.
[Craig, looks at camera, shrugs:] I don't have a car. Umm... you Ford people wanna help me out?
Give me a wink, Mike Williams.
[wink (ding)]
[ outro with music playing over it instead of usual outro theme]
[Craig outside, holding a script, practicing:] Starts happening to cars built before 1992. It starts happening to cars built before 19... [A man walks up.]
[Man:] Hey, aren't you the Wheezy Waiter?
[Craig:] Yeah.
[Man:] That's great! I got this death threat for you. [hands Craig a piece of paper]
[Craig:] Oh. [Man punches Craig and walks away] Owwww, ahhhh! That hurts a lot.

Recurring elements

beardlovers, *ding*, time travel, Ford Fiesta Movement, wink


This is the first video that refers to the Ford Fiesta Movement.

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Craig's question about whether Future Craig is going to shoot him this time is a reference to some past videos: The Lottery and Kelloggs Frosted Flashback.
Clips included in this video come from A Very Wheezy Christmas, Butterball, and The Trophy Thief.

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