Feelin' lazy

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"feelin' lazy"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 3
Original Upload date June 7, 2007
Running time 0:02:30
Wink submitted by WheezyWaiter
Featured Clones
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Good morning complete strangers. It’s June 7th. Is it June 7th?
I took the day off of work today so I could surround myself in this heavenly glow.
I’m feeling lazy. I didn’t even want to put on any pants today. Lazy. I didn’t even put in contacts today. Lazy. [sigh] Let me tell you…. It feels great.
[singing] Feeling lazy feeling lazy feeling lazy.
According to Wikipedia, the expression intellectual laziness is used to describe a tendency to not ask questions or investigate thoroughly, applying a kind of mental routine or just following the crowd. Maybe I should run for office and get paid to be lazy. Ooooh… danzig!
You know sometimes waiters can be lazy.
[Waiter 1:] You think you can help me with some of these plates? They’re really heavy.
[Waiter 2:] Alright.
[Waiter 1:] Here. [hands over dishes he's carrying] Sucker! I’m gonna go watch Veronica Mars.
[Waiter 2:] Why you gotta be like that?
Hey… wasn't that another installment of Wheezy Waiter’s It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad ... There Are A Bunch of Different Types of Waiters? [wink (ding)]
Yeah I think it was.
[The song “Your Love Makes Me Sleepy" plays over footage of Craig skipping down the street, dancing in his apartment, rocking in his chair, Waiters 1 and 2, Craig climbing up on the table, and a picture of Donald Rumsfeld.]

Recurring elements

complete strangers, song, Wikipedia, "danzig!", clone, Veronica Mars, It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad ... There Are A Bunch of Different Types of Waiters, wink


This video has the first references to Wikipedia, "danzig!", and Veronica Mars.

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In 2011, Craig discusses this video in The Lazy Professional.

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