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Answered Questions

Who is Craig Benzine?

Craig Benzine is Wheezy Waiter. Or Wheezy Waiter is Craig Benzine.

Why is his channel name Wheezy Waiter?

When he started making videos, he was a waiter. And he has asthma.

What kind of camera does Craig use?

Canon 7D DSLR camera
Other equipment he uses: a wide angle 16-35mm ultrasonic lens and an adapter from juicedLink that cancels auto-gain and allows him to plug an Azden shotgun microphone into the camera directly so he doesn't have to match sound later. (In September 2011, he started using an M-Audio unit that allows him to plug his microphone directly into the computer through USB.)

What editing system does Craig use?

Final Cut Pro

Mac or PC?


How can I submit a wink?

Post it as a video response to Craig's latest video.

Where do I get the wink sound effect?

Don't worry about it. Craig will put it in for you.

How long does it take to make an average wheezywaiter video?

From coming up with the idea to it being posted and watched online, anywhere from 3 to 10 hours.

Where did the band name Driftless Pony Club come from?

Craig's friend Marcus was in the band originally as the singer, and he bought a shirt at Goodwill that had Driftless Pony Club on it. They thought it might make a good band name. When the guys in the band were throwing around ideas about band names, no one in the band hated the name so they went with it. The actual Driftless Pony Club was a pony club in the Driftless area of Wisconsin (southwest Wisconsin), an area where glaciers did not go over and is therefore a little bit hilly. Driftless Pony Club (the pony club) changed their name to Blackhawk Pony Club.

Favorite brand of coffee?

Dunkin Donuts

Favorite book?

100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Favorite Modest Mouse album?

The Moon & Antarctica. (A close second would be Lonesome Crowded West.)

Best pizza in Chicago?

Pequod's deep dish pizza

Questions in Need of Answers

None so far. Do you have any?