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WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 377
Original Upload date August 25, 2010
Running time 0:02:00
Intro Wheezy beard intro
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Episode chronology
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"Missing Alligator"
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"Dear Future Craig"



[slides in/singing rug]
Hey beardlovers. I'm eating Eggo waffles right now because they say breakfast is the most important meal of EXPLOSION!
Is that what they say? That doesn't seem... I don't know. [Takes a bite]
[Wheezy Waiter beard intro]
Mmm. 20. [Makes sound like he's very full.] Buh. I've eaten too many Eggos. Internal explosion! [Faint explosion sound. Smoke comes out of Craig's mouth] Probably shouldn't have done that.
It's Wednesday [clicks pen. throws it. it explodes] [turns to alternate camera angle] Wednesday [clicks pen. throws it. it explodes.] [turns to another camera angle] EXPLOSION! [clicks pen. he throws it. it explodes his hard drive behind him.] Whoop. My hard drive. [turns to main camera angle] Wednesday! [clicks pen. throws it. it explodes] I love my exploding pens.
I also have an exploding inhaler. Wanna see? [goes to throw it] Noooo! This thing will take out 50 city blocks.
Should Explosion Wednesday be a thing? I don't know. It's just something I recently thought of and I'm kinda testing out the waters. Or should I say FIRES?!
Let's see what's going on in explosion news. [turns to his computer]
Doop-dee-doo. Lookin' for news. Perusin' the newsin. [Explosion sound in the distance] What? What's that noise? [Another explosion noise] Sounds like an explosion getting louder. Should I go do something about that? Click here if you think I should go do something about that. [points to clickable annotation] [More explosion sounds] What do you think? No? [Clickable annotation disappears] Alright, let's move on.
[Shows article] Giants use offensive explosion to crush Reds.
There are exactly three things that are awesome about this story. One, I didn't know giants actually existed. [Picture of a giant] Two, EXPLOSION! Duh. Three, reds? [Picture of Soviet Union flag] I didn't know the Cold War was still going on, and it's quite awesome that we're using giants to attack the Soviets.
[Reads from article] Sandoval pounded two of the game's seven home runs...
Oh, it's about baseball. Hahahaha. I'm so stupid.
[Explosion noises have been periodically continuing and continue in the background throughout the video.]
[shows another article] Cee-Lo calls viral EXPLOSION of '*Ding* You' single 'pretty magical.' "It's a pleasant surprise, I must say," singer says of F-BOMB-dropping song.
Cee Lo, shame on you! Using profanity to gain popularity. That is wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. Eh, it's not that big a deal. People do what they gotta do to get by. It's none of my business.
[Explosion sounds are continuing in the background.]
[shows another article] SMASHING news about planets. Apparently scientists have discovered [explosion sounds are getting very loud now] that... Is that... Is that big noise getting louder? [Fire and flames takes over the screen] Whoaaaaaaaaaa!
[The screen is just black now. With sounds of fire.]
[Video from earlier plays in a small box on the screen as a clickable annotation nearly fills the screen.] Should I go do something about that? Click here if you think I should go do something about that. What do you think? No? Alright, let's move on.
[Title on screen under this video clip: Click the screen go do something about it this time.]

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singing rug, beardlovers, Explosion Wednesday, exploding pens, alternate camera angle, interactive video, headlines, *ding*

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