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"Dance Dance Dance Dance"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 458
Original Upload date February 8, 2011
Running time 0:05:05
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Outro video game outro
Wink submitted by RosesSuposes
Featured Clones
Episode chronology
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"Wheezy Wider"
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[slides in/singing rug]
Hey beardlovers. You like [shot changes to a closeup:] dancin'?
[Craig in the medium shot looks confused.]
[closeup:] Dancin'?
[Again, Craig in the medium shot looks confused.]
[closeup:] Dance?
Apparently the camera zooms in every time I say dancin'. Didn't zoom in that time. That's because I was referring to Ted Danson. But now Ted Danson's [closeup:] dancin' with Tony Danza and Dan Rather Not [extreme closeup:] Dance. I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore.
[Wheezy Waiter beard intro]
So I have this new game for the Nintendo Wii called Just Dance 2. [holds up a copy of it]
It didn't zoom in when I said 'dance.' I'm glad that nonsense [closeup:] is over.
[Medium shot:] Over? Nonsense? [closeup:] Is? [Medium shot:] Okay, I'll be careful.
So I've been challenged to a dance competition.
One of my challengers [closeup:] is [back to normal:] Philip DeFranco. More like Philip DeSTANKO on the dance floor.
And the other [closeup:] is [back to normal:] Charles Trippy. More like Charles TRIPPY. Yeah that works.
So let's do it. [Music plays and Craig dances in the background. There's a sound of his whale tank cover breaking.] Whoops! [Craig falls into the whale tank. Whale sounds.]
[Craig is soaking wet:] So that's why most people don't have a whale tank in their bedroom.
Thinking back to when I was in Utah, I seem to recall someone having a nice open living room. I guess I gotta talk to me from the past. Hey Craig.
[Past Craig is standing in front of a hotel, facing some mountains, back turned to the camera, humming to himself.]
[Present Craig sighs.] HEY CRAIG!
[Past Craig turns around:] Hmm?
[Present Craig:] What are you doing?
[Past Craig:] Just staring at the mountains of Utah. Singing my song. [singing:] The icy icy mountains of Utah. Super super super super super tall.
[Present Craig, disgusted:] I hate how I used to be.
[Past Craig, still singing:] For one day...
[Present Craig:] Hey! Remember we're supposed to do a dance competition?
[Past Craig:] Oh, yeah, I'll do that later.
[Present Craig:] You can't do it here. We have a whale tank. Do it now! Then!
[Past Craig:] What do you give me if I do it now?
[Present Craig:] I'll eat this sandwich. [holds up a sandwich] It's from Seven-Eleven.
[Past Craig:] I'm gonna eat a sandwich in the future? That's great!
[Present Craig:] That's my me.
[Past Craig:] Who am I in this Ultimate Dance Off with anyway?
[Present Craig:] Charles Trippy and sxephil.
[Past Craig:] Ha ha. Hahahaha. Haha... I don't know who that is.
[Present Craig:] Also, it has to be, uh, Valentines Day themed.
[Past Craig:] What? Like paint hearts on my face or something? Nah, not gonna do that.
[Present Craig:] Yes you are.
[Past Craig:] No. No.
[Present Craig:] Absolutely.
[Past Craig:] Nope.
[Present Craig:] Yes you are.
[Past Craig:] Nope.
[Present Craig:] Uh huh.
[Cut to Past Craig in the bathroom:] I hate Valentines Day. No way. [applying red paint to his face.]
[Present Craig:] Yes.
[Past Craig:] Uh uh. Negatory. Nope.
[Present Craig:] Uh huh.
[Past Craig:] Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. [has a heart painted on one cheek. pouring more red paint into his hand]
[Present Craig:] Do it.
[Past Craig, painting hearts on his forehead:] Nope nope nope. Oops... smudged a little bit there.
[Present Craig:] Yep. Yes, you're doing it.
[Past Craig:] Nope. No hearts on MY face. [Has four hearts painted on his face]
[Present Craig:] Yes
[Past Craig:] Nope!
[Present Craig:] You gotta!
[Past Craig is in a living room now with many hearts painted on his cheeks, forehead, and nose:] Absolutely not!
[Present Craig:] You have to put hearts on your face. Mmm hmm.
[Past Craig:] Absolutely not. [taking off his shirt]
[Present Craig:] I think I see where this is going.
[[Past Craig puts Wii controller on his wrist:] Okay. I wanna dance!
[Past Craig starts up the game and starts dancing to "Hot Stuff." The awesomeness of the dance cannot be transcribed. Present Craig watches, not impressed, and covers his eyes at one point, not wanting to watch. Past Craig dances and mouthes the words while dancing. Present Craig peeks out to see what's happening at one point, sighs deeply, shakes his head, and covers his eyes again. A clone enters the living room and his jaw drops in excitement.]
[Clone:] Dancing?
[Past Craig:] No, clone! Get outta here! This isn't for you!
[Clone squeezes red paint onto his palm and rubs it on his face.]
[Past Craig:] This is my time to shine!
[Clone runs up and starts dancing next to Past Craig. They dance together for a minute before Past Craig punches the clone.]
[Clone:] Owww!
[Past Craig:] That's right!
[Present Craig cringes while watching some of Past Craig's dance moves. Past Craig keeps on dancing. When the dance end, he poses happily in the closing pose. Panting, he turns to the camera.]
[Past Craig:] Nope. Not doing it. [Sits down, exhausted.]
[Present Craig:] See? That wasn't so bad.
[Past Craig:] I'm never doing that again. So...?
[Present Craig:] So...
[Past Craig:] You gonna eat the sandwich?
[Present Craig:] Oh that's right. [Takes a big bite of the sandwich]
[Past Craig:] Mmm. Delicious sandwich from the past. [rubs his stomach]
[Present Craig, with his mouth full:] It's from the future.
[Past Craig stops rubbing his stomach:] Oh, that's... that's right.
[Present Craig chews.]
[Past Craig:] Alright, I'm gonna go do nothing. [Picks up Wii controller, gets up. As he leaves the frame, we can hear "Hot Stuff" starting to play again.] Woo! Oh, I'm killing it!
[Video game outro music can be heard over a viewer-submitted Scrabble tile wink (ding)]
So, go to facebook dot com slash justdancegame, like it, and vote for me. You've heard of Facebook, right? There might be other people to vote for. Don't even look into that. Don't even think about it at all. And to those other guys in the competition, who shall remain nameful, sxephil and Charles Trippy, smack talk, smack talk, smack talk, smack talk, smack talk, smack talk.

Recurring elements

singing rug, beardlovers, whale tank, song, time travel, song, clone, punching, wink

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