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Craig Benzine (born October 5, 1980) is an awesome guy (with an awesome beard) and the creator of the popular YouTube channel Wheezy Waiter.

Early life and career

Craig graduated with a Communication Arts: Radio, Television, Film degree from University of Wisconsin - Madison.

After college, he moved to Chicago Illinois. Before he became a full-time YouTuber, he worked as a waiter in the Chicago restaurant 'Big Bowl' but left around the time of the release of the video 'Swan Song' While working as a waiter, he created the YouTube channel and did a lot of freelance video editing work, leading eventually to him leaving his job as a waiter for a job as a video specialist for a web development company. In 2010, he quit his job to become a full-time YouTuber


Craig began his YouTube career producing content that outlined all the pet peeves and irritations that dogged the life of a professional waiter. The title of the channel alludes to Craig's now-former occupation as a waiter and the fact that he has asthma.

WheezyWaiter is Craig's main channel although he has now launched two separate channels; WheezyNews (see below) and alwayswheezy (all videos posted in this latter being filmed entirely in one take on an iPhone).

WheezyWaiter was originally designed to be about the life of a waiter, but since Craig's retirement, and even before, he has moved it to something resembling a comedic topical news show. Craig has described his channel as something a combination of The Colbert Report, Letterman, Pee Wee's Playhouse and Mister Rogers.

Craig's channel is characterized by many recurring characters and inside jokes. These include a Whale, an Alligator, Michael Phelps, and a seemingly infinite supply of Clones which he creates daily with a cloning machine and kills daily (by compelling them to jump into the alligator pit), and recurring events such as Free-Bagel Friday and Explosion Wednesday (not that it's a thing).

Craig has had a notable impact on YouTube, having been featured in a number of other, considerably more viral channels (RayWilliamJohnson, Philip DeFranco aka sxephil). One of his most notable impacts on the YouTube community was the coining of the term "doobly-doo," which has become a widely-used term for the video description box on YouTube.


WheezyNews is Craig's second channel and was originally for those videos that did not fit the WheezyWaiter format, such as video responses. It also contains videos related to videos on WheezyWaiter including create your own adventure style videos. For some time however WheezyNews has become entirely turned over to Craig practicing handstands, an idea first proposed by a twitter follower named "Rehka" and began in the video 'Handstand 101'.

Driftlless Pony Club

Driftless Pony Club is a popular and acclaimed indie rock band now based in Chicago. The members of the band are Craig Benzine, Matt Weber, Sam Grant, and Nate Bartley. Craig is lead singer and guitarist.

The band has four releases -- Janel (2004), Cholera (2006), Expert (2009), and Buckminster (2010). As of 2009, they are signed to DFTBA Records.

In addition to creating music, the band is also known for the irreverent (and sometimes bizarre) videos they create, many of which are available on their YouTube channel (SamboneJr):

Driftless Pony Club's music is most often compared to Modest Mouse. The band openly acknowledge Modest Mouse as one of their guitar rock inspirations, along with the Pixies, Weezer, and many others.


In the episode Corner Store, he claims he is a Libra.

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