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WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 50
Original Upload date January 12, 2008
Running time 0:00:39
Intro chips and salsa intro
Outro outro
Wink submitted by WheezyWaiter
Great People
Guests: Ashleigh
Episode chronology
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"Silent Waiter"
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"Spring Cleaning"



[wheezywaiter dot com chips and salsa intro]
Greetings beardlovers, it's January 12th.
And guess what? [drinks Jim Beam from the bottle] It's my 50th episode. Hooray!! [throws confetti]
Today, in honor of my 50th episode...
[Ashleigh:] It's also my birthday!! Yay!! [throws confetti] Happy birthday to me!
Why are you taking this from me?!
[Ashleigh:] But I'm 25 years old.
But I have 50 episodes. That's double the amount of years you've lived.
[Ashleigh, applying lip gloss:] Math is hard.
Happy birthday, Ashleigh.
[Ashleigh:] Tom Hanks you.
You're Lawrence Welk-ome.
[wink (ding)]
[wheezywaiter dot com outro]

Recurring elements

beardlovers, wink

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