C walk?

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"C walk?"
alwayswheezy video
Episode no. Episode 17
Original Upload date September 3, 2010
Running time 0:00:34
Great People
Guests: Alisha
Episode Chronology
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"Sneak peak!!!!"
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"Basketball scouting video"



Hello. This is Alisha, a cast member from fridaynitebYtes. She's going to do a C walk.
[Alisha:] A C walk. Ready?
[Craig:] Mm hmm.
[Alisha:] Straight hip hop.
[Craig:] 'Kay.
[She does a walk.]
[Alisha:] It's all about the feet. And the 'tude.
[Craig:] Yeah? Now do the crazy one.
[Alisha:] Okay. Okay. [Does another walk.]
[Craig:] That's right! Stuff I can't do. My life is boring.

Recurring elements

fridaynitebYtes, "My life is boring."

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