Bug Junk!

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"Bug Junk!"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 64
Original Upload date July 7, 2008
Running time 0:02:10
Wink submitted by
Great People
Guests: Nate Bartley
Episode chronology
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"July of 4th The"
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"The Temple of Ringo"



[Nate writes in chalk on the sidewalk: "Bug Junk!"]
[The theme for The Cosby show plays throughout this movie.]
[Craig wakes up suddenly, yawns, grabs his notebook, and looks at his "Stuff to Do" list, which reads "Stuff to Do: -Take Out Garbage -Eat Junk Food." Craig puts the notebook down and gets out of bed. Outside, Nate starts drawing something in chalk on the sidewalk. Craig opens his fridge to find a piece of candy. He grabs it. He takes the trash out of the trash cans. Nate is drawing a bug on the sidewalk with colored chalk. He imagines a Sinckers Bar and nods slightly. He gets up and walks away. Craig emerges from his building with the trash bags in one hand and a candy bar in the other. He takes a bite of the candy bar and goes to throw out the trash bags, stepping on Nate's chalked bug along the way. Closeup of the candy bar in his hand. Closeup of the bug. Closeup of the candy bar. The bug begins to follow Craig down the sidewalk. Craig walks into the alley, throws out his trash and recycling, as the bug waits on the pavement nearby. The bug continues following Craig as he returns to his front door. Craig turns around, sees the bug, and stomps on it, sending chalk flying up into his face. Craig begins coughing and runs in the front door and into his apartment, still coughing. He grabs his inhaler, takes a puff. As he exhales, the chalk from his breath makes a bug on the wall of his apartment. He attempts to slap it but it keeps moving on the wall and eludes him. Craig thinks for a minute and then goes to grab a piece of paper, which he holds up near the bug. The bug crawls onto the piece of paper, Craig carries the piece of paper to the window, and hurls the bug out the window. It lands on the pavement outside. Nate walks by, eating a candy bar. The bug imagines a Sinckers Bar and takes off after Nate.]
[Nate writes in chalk on the sidewalk "wheezywaiter.com!"]

Recurring elements

standalone movie


Craig reposted this video to YouTube on March 3 2009 during a week's vacation from making daily videos.

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