Beards on the Run 8 - Road Fighter II

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"Beards on the Run 8 - Road Fighter II"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 481
Original Upload date March 21, 2011
Running time 0:02:58
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Wink submitted by
Great People
Guests: Matt Weber
Sam Grant
Jeff Samuels
Ian Purvis
Episode chronology
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"Beards on the Run 7 - Road Fighter"
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"Doomsday Bunker"



[Wheezy Waiter beard intro graphic in slow motion with voiceover:] Previously on Wheezy Waiter...
I quit YouTube. [tips over chair and exits] I'm gonna go travel with my band.
[Jeff drumming outside Capitol in Madison. Matt watches him and says:] That's some good drumming.
[Jeff:] Thanks.
[Matt:] You wanna go on tour with my band?
[Sam:] I got a death threat. We gotta go.
[Craig reading note from Chewbacca:] Dear Sam... [growling]
[Matt:] Chewbacca wants to kill you because you stole my five dollars.
[Matt, typing on his phone:] Remember in Tour de Beard when you gave me that five dollars?
[Title on screen: Two years ago. Matt picks up bill:] My five dollars. I'll never forget you, Charlie [Ripple effect to Matt typing on his phone:] Well, Sam stole it.
[Sam:] I didn't steal your five dollars.
[Matt:] I know! That's what makes it so weird.
[Matt, standing by van:] Who are you?
[Driver guy on a payphone:] I'm a bum. [Matt throws the driver guy the keys.]
[Craig:] I love happy endings.
[They hear Chewbacca's cry coming from inside the van. They slowly turn towards the back of the van.]
[Sam and Craig:] Chewbacca?
[Matt:] Charlie?
[Wheezy Waiter beard intro] [Chewbacca talks throughout this episode.]
[Matt, Sam, Craig, and Jeff are walking in a parking lot. Chewbacca is following them. He's not visible on screen but camera is from his point of view.]
[Sam:] Chewbacca, where are you taking us?
[Chewbacca cries out]
[Driver guy:] Chewbacca! No! [Chewbacca cry] Remember that stuff I did for you?
[Sam:] You don't have to do this. I didn't take Matt's five dollars. [Chewbacca cry] He lied to you.
[Matt:] That's probably true, but I still need five dollars. [Chewbacca cry]
[Driver guy:] Remember when I put the drywall up in your basement?
[Matt:] I wanna get a half-priced DVD of The Rock. It's at Blockbuster in the discount bin.
[Driver guy backs up, waving:] Okay thank you! Bye! [runs away]
[Matt:] I'm telling the truth! Why don't you believe me?
[The driver guy lies down in the middle of the parking lot, far from Chewbacca and the others.]
[Sam:] No one ever believes you.
[Craig:] Surely there's gotta be something we can do to make this up to you.
[Jeff walks up to Chewbacca and starts banging on him:] Bang bang bang on the snout, There's gotta be a way to work this out.
[Chewbacca cries.]
[Matt:] What if we rock, paper, flippers for it?
[Sam:] Scissors.
[Matt:] Yeah. Scissors.
[Chewbacca nods and cries. The guys nod happily in reply.]
[Matt:] Alright, if I win, I get five dollars. And if you win, you get to kill us all.
[Sam, Craig, and Jeff turn to look at Matt incredulously. Matt smiles and nods as Chewie speaks.]
[Sam shakes his head at Matt. The guys form into a huddle.]
[Craig:] What do we do guys?
[Sam:] What are we gonna do?
[Craig:] I think rock. Rock.
[Sam:] Why do you think rock, man?
[Three annotations appear one for rock, one for scissors, one for paper.]
[Craig:] Rock... rock and roll will never die.
[Matt:] Yeah.
[Jeff:] Yeah.
[Sam:] Some could argue that rock and roll is already dead, though.
[Matt:] Oh yeah.
[Craig:] That's a good point but no. No.
[Sam:] Well, I think we should do paper, man.
[Matt:] Yeah?
[Jeff:] Why?
[Sam:] It's my favorite element, and, you know, everything is made out of paper on a molecular level.
[Matt:] Yeah.
[Sam:] So I think that's a good one. We should go with that solid.
[Matt:] That's true.
[Jeff:] I don't know. Yeah, what if... what if Chewy picks scissors then.
[Craig:] Yeah, that's a good point.
[Sam:] That is a good point.
[Craig:] Yeah, yeah. What do you think?
[Jeff:] I don't know. Well, actually, you know wookies hate haircuts so he probably won't pick scissors.
[Matt:] No. Yeah.
[Craig:] Yeah, they're very hairy creatures. But rock....
[Matt:] Yeah.
[Craig:] I don't know.
[Matt:] Alright. I think... I think we can do it. Let's do it.
[Sam:] Let's do it.
[Jeff:] Okay.
[Craig:] We didn't decide.
[Chewbacca approaches the huddle, cries out.]
[Matt:] Oh my god! I can't believe we took too long to decide. Now he's gonna kill us. [The guys start running away.]
[Sam:] He's whipping out his crossbow!
[Title: Chewbacca killed every member of Driftless Pony Club.]
[Title: except for Sam. Chewy trained Sam for many years until Sam became an Olympic Gold Medalist in the 800 meter race.]
[Title: Then Chewy killed him.]
[Annotation below title: Try Again]

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Road Fighter II

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